The Controversial Argument That MMR Vaccines Can Cause Autism in Children

You’ve probably heard it before, “MMR Vaccines can cause autism,” There has been very much controversy on this topic. One side argues that vaccines can put your child at risk for autism, The other side explains that there is no possible link between autism and vaccines. Several different studies have taken place in order to prove whether there is a link or not. However, people are still unsure of the truth “Some parents feel certain that vaccines can lead to autism, if only because there have been instances when a child got a shot and then became autistic, Post hoc, ergo propter hoc.

Making that connection between the two events, most health experts say, is as fallacious in the world of medicine as it is in the field of logic.” (Clyde Haberman of New York Times) Here she explains the false cause fallacy called “post hoc, ergo propter hoc”. This literally translates to “after this therefore because of this.”

This false cause fallacy is often mistakenly used in order to prove someone’s argument.

An example of this fallacy would be: Joan is bit by a dog while visiting her friend Susan, A few days later Joan comes down with a cold. Joan comes to the conclusion that the dog bite must be the cause of her sickness. Many staunch believers will try to argue that vaccines do cause autism but end tip using the false cause fallacy to prove their points, This leads to arguments such as this: “The number of vaccines children are receiving is increasing, and the number of children who are being diagnosed with autism at some time after being vaccinated is on the rise.

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Therefore vaccines must cause autism.” People are linking two completely unrelated things to come [0 an answer as to why autism has increased over time, There is no actual proof that vaccines can create autism, Yet people are still trying to say there is.

I personally do not believe that vaccines cause autism. People are looking for an answer as [0 what the cause of autism really is but they are really just blaming it on vaccines. They don’t have valid evidence to prove their arguments Even if vaccines cannot cause autism, let’s assume they can. Vaccines can help prevent many diseases including polio, measles, pertussis, mumps, tetanus, etc If children are not given vaccines, they will be at very high risk to diseases and illnesses. Would you want your child to have the possibility of contracting an illness, suffer, and have their life on the line all because you didn’t want them to have autism? I know I wouldn’t This is why vaccines are essential to our health and keeping us in good shape I think controversy over this topic will always exist People will always try to relate two very unrelated topics to find an answer. And sometimes, this helps further ideas to achieving the actual answers “For every question, there is an answen” I hope that people continue to search for answers, Someday people will solve the problem and discover the real cause of autism.


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