The Importance of Giving Vaccines to Children

Whether someone should vaccinate their children or not has been a huge debate for hundreds of years. People try to say that vaccines do more harm than good, but there is evidence that shows vaccines are more beneficial than they are harmful. “The vaccines against hepatitis B, pertussis, pneumococcal disease, and rotavirus all have the possibility of certain side effects, but the harms of disease prevented by the vaccines outweigh the risk of any adverse effects” (“The Benefits of Vaccination Outweigh the Risk,” 2015).

The side effects that the vaccines give usually only last a few hours and rarely, a couple of days. When I get my children vaccinated, they usually only have sore legs, and sometimes they will get a fever that only goes up to 101 F, at the most. I would rather get my child vaccinated and have them only feel pain for a couple of hours, as opposed to not getting them vaccinated and have them get some horrible disease that could possibly kill them.

”Around the world, some 3 million people die annually from diseases that vaccines could have prevented”.

If people would just get vaccinated on time like they are supposed to, that number would go down to hopefully half or less than half. There is a great proportion of Americans that believe it is alright to put other people at risk for diseases that could easily have been prevented by a single vaccine. Nobody would argue with the people that refuse the vaccines if they and their families would suffer alone and not have everyone else suffer along with their foolish selves, but the world doesn’t work that way.

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We should all vaccinate ourselves and our children because vaccines do not cause autism, they protect from deadly diseases, and nobody likes being deathly sick.

Parent’s started to refuse or delay vaccines because of a fraudulent British Journal article stating the MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) vaccine is linked to autism. There has been many studies proving these vaccines do not cause autism. The mercuryacontaining compound thimerosal has also been proven safe. Even though all of the ingredients in the vaccines have been proven safe, parents still feel like they need to “protect” their children from getting autism from a vaccine, “Parents may have once believed they were protecting their kids by refusing the shot, but there’s no longer an excuse. Stupidity can be fatal”. People that see the evidence and still do not vaccinate their children are putting their children in harm‘s way. The baby can’t ask for the protection of a vaccine so they depend on their parents to protect them. Sadly, a lot of parents risk their child’s life everyday because they’re scared a vaccine will give their child autism.

“Drawing on Project Tycho data, a November 28 New Englandjournal of Medicine [NE/M] article concluded that vaccinations since 1924 until now prevented 103 million cases of polio, measles, rubella, mumps, hepatitis A, diphtheria, and pertussis”. The continuous rise of the lives vaccines have saved should tell people how beneficial they really are. When people try to argue about how good or bad the vaccines really are, they seem to overlook that little fact. People who don’t really want to take responsibility for their contagious disease will try to justify their situation by noting the fact that the death rates of many infectious diseases had declined significantly before vaccines came along. It is true that a lot of the decline in these horrible diseases occurred as a result of improved sanitation and water chlorination, but vaccines have played a substantial role in reducing death rates too (“People Should Not Be Allowed to Refuse Vaccination”). The diseases that the vaccines ward off usually make people really ill.

The diseases usually attack the younger children a lot harder than they do older people. A new study shows the rotavirus vaccine has saved 100,000 hospital visits and nearly $1 billion in medical costs. Some young children who get infected with rotavirus will have to look forward to vomiting for days on end. Protracted vomiting is one of the primary symptoms of the illness, along with diarrhea, abdominal pain, and fever. The people that get rotavirus or any other disease that could have been prevented by a vaccine, and get deathly i”, could have easily prevented all of the pain and suffering with the vaccine, but they thought they were smart and “knew” that vaccines were bad! With all of the evidence proving that getting the vaccines are actually better than getting the disease the vaccines prevents, I do not understand why people still go unvaccinated and leave their children unvaccinated as well. “When will anti- vaxxers wake up and smell the science? (“The $1 Billion Reason to Vaccinate”). If everyone could just educate themselves and others about the benefits of vaccines, we could stop worrying about the diseases. I can only hope that people will stop overlooking the facts and start seeing the good that the vaccines are doing and get vaccinated as well.

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