An Argument Against the Poaching of Rhinos in South Africa

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Against Poaching of Rhinos

Poaching has been a major concern throughout the whole world, especially around South Africa. Numerous amounts of animal species have become endangered or even extinct. Poachers are harming and killing animals for their horns, tusks, and also their fur. Animals are extremely vulnerable to them due to fact that poachers would use knives or guns to kill them. The amount of endangered species seems to be increasing and shows no chance of stopping. African Rhinos are an example of that.

They are slowly disappearing and it is only a matter of time before they become completely extinct.

Poachers are removing the rhinos’ horns and due to that it also sadly removes a huge chunk of their face. This makes the rhinos bleed out and eventually die a slow and painful death. They are getting easier and easier to kill because their population is rapidly decreasing.

There are several ways that this can be prevented and help the rhinos establish a safer environment for themselves.

Very little is being done to defend the poor rhinos and poaching is even becoming more popular than ever before. A way that poaching can be stopped is by creating a new law that demands poachers face a lengthy jail sentence with no chance of bail at all. Another proposal would be to create a new and safe environment for them that is highly secured and has no probability of them getting hunted down by any poachers. Creating a habitat for them specifically would let them roam famongst themselveslves without the fear of getting killed.

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Also, breeding the rhinos would increase their population and their strength against poachers.

They tend to be in groups a lot so that means they’ll attack and defend themselves in unison. These proposals can be the way that poaching against rhinos in South Africa is terminated.

A new law must be developed with the South African government too to prevent poaching. The country to be is doing everything they can; however, the rate at which rhinos are being dehorned is skyrocketing year after year. have numerous amounts of statistics proving that the poaching of rhinos is not decreasing. “Unfortunately, there is no indication that the rhino poaching crisis is coming under control, as rhino deaths continue apace despite the government responses tocombatingt poaching, including the deployment of Army personnel along the border between Kruger National Park and Mozambique.” ( South Africa has sent their army to help and stop poaching yet it seems to not make any difference. Poaching is only increasing year after year and at this rate, the rhinos would soon end up being extinct. They need to develop some sort of organized and effective law that prevents poaching against any type of species or they will be forced to face a lengthy prison sentence or be shot down on site. It may seem extreme to kill poachers but in reality, they are dead people who kill innocent animals and anyone trying to stop them. Also, the minimum prison sentence should be approximately fifteen years to life depending on the severity of their case. They have excellent connections with many people, which is usually why they can escape a sentence so quickly. The law must state that there is no bail at all for poachers and must fully fulfill their sentence. This law would not only help reduce the amount of poaching but also bring justice to illegal poaching.

Poachers are also destroying the African Rhinos’ habitat to keep them more vulnerable to huntitothem down. Their homes are getting burned and shot down to prevent them from having any power.

This would cause them all to move and get out of hiding so they will be easier to kill. A new environment will help them keep the growth of their population and help reduce them being de-horned and killed. The rhinos should be relocated to a safer environment in the country where the land is made specifically for them Personally, I wouldn’t want my home destroyed, and then when I’m weak I get hunted down,n and neither would rhinos. Their new habitat would not only give them some assurance to be safe, but also they can thrive and have a better home. There are several areas around southern South Africa where the environment is similar to thatwhereh the rhinos are currently in. Hard metal fences with high security such as their army should also be in place around the entire rhino habitat to prevent poachers from entering the premises and hunting down the rhinos for their horns. Giving the rhinos a new home would make them safer and give them more freedom to roam the land.

An easy way to help prevent the poaching of rhinos would be to breed them and help them reproduce. Since there are a less significant amount of rhinos than in previin ous years, their groups and herds are decreasing drastically. Sooner or later there won’t be any group of rhinos traveling and they’ll be roaming all alone. This leads them extremely vulnerable to getting de-horned and killed in an instant. According to the website “When populations get so low like the Sumatran rhino it is important to have an insurance population in captivity and carry out breeding programs. Achieving viable captive populations of rhinos for their various conservation roles requires scientific management” ( Breeding rhinos are taking place, but then they are being held captive to preserve them. They should be released back to the wild and their homes to tote and create more rhinos. The breeding programs should move at a faster pace or have a new program that brethathe rhinos and releases them back to their habitat instantly. Increasing the number of rhinos would be a huge step forward in tinending poaching for good. This would allow them to have more strength and increase their group size. Poachers would avoid them more often as rhinos can be dangerous and deadly once they are threatened. Poaching would slowly begin to decrease for fear of being attacked and the rhinos’ population would soon also rise again.

The African Rhinos’ population seems to be decreasing rapidly year after year. There have been no signs of it decreasing any time soon. There must be action taking place to help prevent this. A new law should be created which should state that poaching is illegal and that poachers may face a long prison sentence or risk being shot on-site if they fail to stop and cooperate with officials. There should be no possibility of bail so the poacher understands what they are getting themselves into and faces the rightful consequences for their actions.

New habitats should be created for the rhinos in a more safer and secured area so that they are not to be threateith. Relocating them would be a long process but will prove to be effective because they’ll be in a safer area. Breeding the rhinos should be an easy way to help prevent poaching. Rhinos tend to roam in groups and that is what gives them power and strength. A weak and vulnerable rhino is stronger when it is in a group. Breeding programs would increase the population of the rhinos as well as stop poachers. These proposals are effective ways that poaching can be stopped and prevented against African Rhinos in South Africa.


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