Cage With Giant Rhinos

But you must leave us alone¨ the girl smiled and went back into the thick brush. The kids found their way home and saw that Meek lay on the ground in a pool of blood. The kids shrieked and their dad came running to them and smiled and said ¨ my children, alive once again¨ they all hugged each other and the dad said ¨I want you to meet your new mom Lacie¨ the kids cheered and hugged Lacie. They all ate dinner together and watched stranger things together came back and was enraged at what she saw, she ran into her giant rhinos cage and unhooked him, and said ¨I want those children gone, dead, or anything that they will never come back¨ the rhino puffed and started to run right into the house where everyone that was sound asleep.

The kids tried to distract the rhino by throwing marbles at him but the rhino ate the marbles and quickly started to run toward Greg Hannah started to run out of the house so Greg followed, then Greg grabbed a handful of reese’s pieces and ran out the house, following Greg.

The rhino followed the kids and tried to bite them but greg thought if he dropped the candy the rhino would maybe go away. Once they lost the rhino, the children cheered and thought to just turn back around since the last two times, as they walked Greg realized that the rhino ate all the candy and figured that there was no way they can find their way home.

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So, the kids screamed for anyone but no one replied except for the girl that they saw the previous encounters, the girl came out of the thick brush looking the same old dirty and said ¨well what have we here, no way home, no food, and no one to call¨ the children looked away and the girl said.

¨In order for me to leave you must give me one arm since the rhino ate mine¨ Greg shook his head up and down and cut his arm off, Greg cried and Hannah fainted while the girl smiled and left the kids. Greg tried to run with Hannah over one shoulder, Hannah soon woke up and started to run with Greg, the children ran for what seemed like hours and finally stumbled upon a house made of breakfast. The house looked so delicious, the children ran up and each took a bite of the roof and ate and ate and ate until the witch came out and said ¨who’s eating my house¨ the children laughed for the witch was blind, but the witch didn’t mind and poked Greg and said ¨you, you will make a nice addition to my house¨ Greg looked uneasy for his arm still hurt. Hannah whispered to Greg ¨Greg don’t eat anymore food¨ but Greg, always being known for his bravery, said ¨ ok witch, fatten me up¨ the witch smiled and grabbed the boys hand and led him down to the prison, Greg regretted doing this but he didn’t want his sister to get hurt.

Each day the witch fed the boy three meals, breakfast, brunch, brinner, the witch on the other hand fed Hannah only a sliver of green eggs and ham. One day, Hannah overheard the witch face timing her friends on her iphone XL and said ¨I have me some mighty delicious boy I’m currently fattening up to eat¨ it all made sense now why Greg was being fed so much more food. Hannah ran down and told Greg the whole story, Greg gasped and whispered his plan to Hannah. Hannah smiled and agreed to the plan from then on, each day Greg was always fed one piece of bacon from the witch, so when Greg was eating the witch would check Gregs finger to feel if he was getting any bigger and would feel the slimy bacon but did not think that it was bacon. The witch screeched ¨ahhh you have not fattened up since the day you came¨ Greg did that every day for 6 days and the witch said ¨on the seventh day, I will make you a nice hot tub¨ Greg frowned.

On the seventh day, the witch began to make the stew to eat Greg, wasn’t very fearful but his sister was. When the witch was ready she called for Hannah to fetch Greg, Greg pretended to beg his sister to let him go, the witch cackled and began to help Greg into the pot but Hannah ¨äccidentally¨ dropped the witch’s phone into the boiling pot while taking a snapchat of the witch. The witch screeched and jumped into the pot but was quickly cooked to a crisp mcdonalds french fry. The children cheered and to take their hate out on the witch,they scoured the house and found many things like the book of Hansel and Gretel, and read through it and laughed at how ironic the book was and then they found a big chest under the floorboard full of grills, Gucci, supreme, Off white, and Louis Vuitton and dragged it all the way back to their house.

On the way they saw the girl crying and super sad so they invited her to come to be their mom just in case Lacie was dead, the girl laughed and when they got to the house sure enough lacie was dead and their dad wasn’t around. The children yelled for their dad and he came running to the children and gave all of them big hugs and said ¨I think it’s time for me to file a couple of restraints¨ the children smiled and then Greg asked ¨ where’s Z?¨ the dad laughed and said ¨ she got what she deserved… a one-way ticket to an insane asylum¨ the children gasped but then smiled, the dad looked at the ragged clothed girl and said ¨how old are you¨ the girl replied ¨22 and my name is Alice¨ their dad smiled and said ¨ I am looking for someone to help raise my children, would you like to be my wife¨ Alice smiled and said ¨of course¨. After that the kids decided to publish their own story called ¨The Road: the brave story of Hannah and Gabe¨ and then they all lived happily ever after except for, Meek, the witch, and May.

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