My Pursuit of a Nursing Career in the United States

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I am originally from India and lived in a very small village named Mahil Gahilan. On a regular summer day, the sun is beaming I am running around with my friends in the scorching sun. It’s really windy and the dust is flying over my face. My friends and I go and play in the playground which is very dirty and dusty. We have no shoes on our feet. At the end of our long summer vacation, I return back to school after school, football was my favorite activity as I didn’t have a computer or any technology, This was my source of entertainment and fun.

When I first came to the United States of America, I thought it was very beautiful. The houses were big and the streets were clean. The roads were wide and filled with lines of cars from the afternoon traffic.

My family and I moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana I started school in 7’h grade.

My first class was English. I felt nervous and shy, I sat at the back of the classroom, The teacher took attendance and told each student to introduce themselves When my turn came, I introduced myself. All the students laughed at me because of my thick Indian accent and poor English vocabulary, which made communication extremely difficult I hated school during that time and came home every day crying. I kept it a secret for many years because I was fearful. It was a very difficult transition from India to the United States as I became a victim of bullying throughout the years.

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Even though I was a victim of bullying, I was able to have a new beginning when I moved to Queens, New York Life was different as I became comfortable in the new environment and met new people, I became more confident, and sparked an interest in Nursing. To me nursing is all about the protection, promotion, and improvement of health and abilities, the prevention of illness and injuries, and in the care of individuals, families, communities, and populations. They are mainly responsible for promoting well-being including safety and comfort of patients and responds to the urgent matters of the patient’s conditions.

I’m going to pursue my career on Nursing and acquire success in order to make myself and family proud. After pursuing a bachelor’s degree in nursing, I’m thinking of working in a doctor’s office to maintain more experience in my career, so that I can achieve my dream of working in a hospital to help people‘s needs. My family means the world to me because they will always be there when I need them I want to apply for college near my house because I have a lot of house responsibilities such as cooking, doing the laundry, paying the bills, cleaning, and making doctor appointments. Because of my responsibilities at home, I have attained the leadership and organizational skills needed to be successful in college. As a result, I am better able to balance my home and school life.

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