Enrolling at Thomas Nelson Community College to Pursue a Nursing Career

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I never had the ideal childhood growing up, however I have never allowed it to determine my future. In fact I once read “Never be a prisoner of your past. It was just a lesson, not a life sentence”. That quote has stuck With me since. My financial situation is complicated. I live with my grandmother even though she does not have guardianship. I do not receive any financial help from my parents. Because I had to mature qurcker. I had my very first job at the age of fourteen.

I have had three jobs during my high school career. My first employer was XXXX where I worked as a hostess. my second employer was y where I worked as a tech and I am currently employed at XXXX’s as a retail salesperson. I was a member of the volunteer program at Mercy Hospital my freshman year. I also ass:sted in coaching my cousin’s peewee cheer team during my free time.

Competitive and school cheer has been my sport since I was three years old. I was apart of the XXXX FFA Chapter for two years; my eighth grade year and freshman year. My freshman and sophomore year l was in FCCLA. My sophomore year I received the colorful personality award through my FCCLA teacher. During my junior year at cheer camp our team as a whole won several awards. We won awards for how we represented our school and team. and won first place ribbons several times for our performances.

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This year at my senior sports banquet. I received the Most Dedicated On The Cheer Team award. I have always had a passion for helping people. At a very young age I was exposed to the medical field thanks to several of my family members who work in the medical field.

In my junior year I was a student at Southern Tech Center of Ardmore where I was enrolled in the Nursing Assistant Program. I became CPR and First Aid certified as well as receiving my CNA and MAT license. The summer before my senior year shadowed at Oklahoma Women’s Health where I was able to observe a C-Section, My experience was amazing, After high school my plan is to attend Thomas Nelson Community College for two years and receive my Associates Degree in Nursing then return home and attend either Murray State or ECU to finish my nursing degree.

It would be a dream to one day be a Nurse Practitioner. I have yet to decide if I am going to stop after becoming an RN or if I will further my education. Even though I have not always had the same opportunities as other students. I decided at a young age to not allow it to keep me from pursuing my goals. Attending college is very exciting for me not only because I have hopes of receiving a degree. but because I will be the first to attend and complete college in my family.

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