An Analysis of I Am Sam, a Movie by Jessie Nelson

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I Am Sam was an enlighten story of a struggle of a man and his daughter to stay together. In this movie the director showed the viewers a realistic situation between family and state. The director also did an excellent job portraying the illustration of the main character (Sam) and his daughter (Lucy) personal struggle within. This story showed the importance of love and family. The movie | Am Sam introduces conflict between the family and state. The main character (Sam) and his daughter (Lucy) represent the family and Social Services represent the state.

The conflict is first seen in the movie when Samâ€TMs daughter Lucy becomes age seven. At the age of seven Lucy is smarter than her mentally-retarded forty year-old man with autistic tendencies. When the Department of Social Services discovers this situation they take action. 

The conflict also toke place due to the fact that Sam had to rely on help from his friends, including his eccentric neighbor (Diane Wiest) and a lovable group of similarly challenged friends to care for his child.

Samâ€TMs struggle within himself was a hard and usual struggle unlike any thing that ordinary people go through in their every day life. He didnâ€TMt just have to adjust to the fact that the mother of his child left him alone with their child after giving birth. Sam was an mentally-retarded forty year-old man with autistic tendencies, who had the responsibility of raising a daughter. His daughter Lucy on the other hand had her own battle to fight.

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Lucy realizing at the age seven she was smarter than her farther. Even at a young age Lucy understood the importance of this and tried to hide this. This movie illustrated a lot of things, but the one thing that came to my attention was the importance of love and family. Sam and Lucy relationship displayed a perfect example of this. They did everything in their power to stay together because to them family is everything. When it comes to love and family I too share the same views as our characters Sam and Lucy. Love and family is everything.

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