Many undergraduates pursue a career in business

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The following sample essay on:”Many undergraduates pursue a career in business “. Many undergraduates pursue a career in business because their family runs a company or they simply have a background in business, but for me most of my family studied medicine or engineering, lets just say I am the odd one out.

My enthusiasm for studying a business-related subject came from a business project we had to do in school.The project was to start a business. We had to create a product, market it, convince the teachers-like-investors why our product is worth investing in, and persuade the consumers why our product is worth buying.

The final task of the project was to explain how we were going to make our business international. Our project was called Cookie confessions. The project made me recognize that the business world is indeed a challenging community and a lot of work is needed to make a local brand international.

I always desired to work in an international field where I can analyze how different cultures unite and work as one.

For the past 3 years, I have participated in 9 MUNs, which gave me the opportunity to not only attend 6 local MUNs but 3 International MUNs. My outstanding performance in MUN awarded me the opportunity to travel to Bahrain to attend the Ibn Khuldoon Model United Nations, Italy to attend the Genoa Model United Nations (GeMUN), and France to attend the Paris Model United Nations (PAMUN). The organization gave me the opportunity to develop my debating, public speaking and social interactions/skills.

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It taught me about the different cultures around the world.

Working with people around the world, that have different cultures and backgrounds allowed me to advance my practical skills for collecting information and gain experience of the social, economic and environmental issues occurring around the world. For example, one of the topics we debated about was the lack of economic opportunities and employment around the world and finding a solutions for the problem.

My studies in school made my interest for following a business career increase. ICT enhanced my skills in computers and showed me the technology that is used in business, it also made my ability to analyse and critically evaluate information improve. Art classes has taught me to be patient and helped me with time management. Outside school I like to focus on my skills. I started to play the piano recently it taught me that hard work always pays off. I also took classes in taekwondo growing up. Taekwondo taught me confidence and it enhanced my self-esteem. I have also Joined many charity runs for the past year. Being able to keep up with my school work and my extracurricular activities outside of school taught me how to manage my time effectively.

I believe that Dreams are meant to be achieved and I chose to go after my fantasies and turn them into reality. Studying in the United Kingdom will allow me to gain experience and will get me qualified to work in an international company. The business world is very competitive and challenging, and I thrive off of challenges.

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Many undergraduates pursue a career in business
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