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Why I Wish To Pursue Higher Education Paper

I believe myself to be a lifelong learner. Therefore, I consider both formal education and practical experience to be essential for my personal growth. Besides, I am convinced that it is education alone that is necessary to solve all problems of the world. Learning is the preliminary step in the right direction – that is, to solve all world problems. I trust the fact that learning can improve personalities, and refine human behavior as well as attitudes.

Before completing my Bachelors degree in Interior Design from a private college in Saudi Arabia in the year 2005, I spent the summer of 2004 working as a trainee for a local interior design establishment. It was a marvelous experience, as it helped me muster my confidence to successfully complete my senior project in order to attain my degree. My senior project involved designing a Diving Center from scratch, all by myself. It was a creative experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. Moreover, it taught me a great deal about my own potential, as well as intelligence.

Most importantly, I learned that I am capable of initiating and completing large-scale creative projects on my own, whereas countless others might experience lack of confidence in similar situations. Perhaps it was my experience with immense responsibility that inspired me to enter the world of business and finance in July 2005. I have been working with HSBC as a Customer Service Representative since. It is my job to guide customers to the right products after inquiring into their needs. I have been trained as a Teller.

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What is more, I have been honored with a couple of awards from the bank. My managers have often praised me as a responsible banker with high social intelligence. Apart from managing my responsibilities in the workplace, I have taken a number of computer courses after completing my degree. I have also successfully passed the Test of English as a Foreign Language. In addition, I have continued my reading habit that encompasses a large number of subjects. At present, I am prepared to join a higher education institution. I would like to attain a higher degree so as to move forward in my career.

I am confident that higher education would open up a new world of opportunities for me. Additionally, it is vital for me to continue learning before I am able to establish myself in a position to educate the others. While a huge number of people might desire higher education only to earn higher salaries, I believe in serving the community with the knowledge that I have gathered. My successes at academic institutions and work have motivated me to take up leadership roles in future. I envision myself as a high achiever.

Hence, I would not only endeavor to perform brilliantly at my higher education institution, but also as a professional after completing a higher degree. I believe that it is only lack of education that is keeping humanity from taking the next step in its evolution. The wars, the famines, and the poverty around the globe are lessons that are prompting us to move ahead with enlightened minds. The world requires a greater number of motivated and educated people. For this reason, I am confident of the fact that I can add value to my world through higher education.

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