Benefits Of Higher Education Essay

General Purpose: To Inform General Purpose: To inform my listeners of advantages of a college education. Central Idea: Having a solid grasp on being taught, being a learned individual on a mission to succeed, and bringing the best result out of the repetitiveness of daily life. Introduction I. Attention Material: A. “The Benefits of Higher Education For Individuals And Society” w. w. w. The College Board is responsible for the compilation of very useful data relating to the advantages of higher education.

The College Board’s mission is to connect students to college success and opportunity. B. I have a great source of information for all people interested in higher education. 1. THANK GOD FOR THE INTERNET!!! C. There is a multiple-triple effect that comes alive in whoever reads the College Board’s reports on the advantages of higher education… an effect that is positive. D. I read a portion of the College Board’s material…and the result was a continued positive motivation that helps to keep me in college.

1. Are any of you gaining an advantage from higher education?II. Orienting Material: A. I am benefiting from higher education. There are things in m life that have changed for the better since I’ve been in college. For example…, sitting in class with people such as yourselves…has taught me how important variety is. B. Higher education has taught me just how much we are alike…despite our personal differences. I know for sure some of you feel the same way I feel about higher education…especially when we receive a check in the mail from the college.

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C. My habits have been challenged by my getting a higher education.I cannot just do whatever I want to do anymore. I must set priorities just for time management. More work…less play. D. The advantages of higher education are numerous. But the same advantages are not easily attributed to single factors. Transition: Let us explore higher education. Body I. Good Job A. Having a good job does not mean that you must make a lot of money. Instead of making a ton of money on a job, an alternative is to work on a job that brings self-satisfaction. 1. High paying jobs are not necessarily good jobs. 2.Consider working at a job doing some things that brings passion. 3. A good job brings a feeling of self-satisfaction, self-worth, and a sense of accomplishment. B. Decide what direction you want to go into. Your personal decisions will have an impact on where you actually work. 1. Make a personal inventory of your interests. 2. Follow your parents’ ideas of work. C. Don’t forget hobbies-they can lead to good jobs. Your past-times provide fertile breeding ground for valuable experience. Transition: Let’s turn to the money!!! II. Financial Security A.Obtaining secure finances is a goal. 1. Develop investment strategies that are reachable. 2. Full-time employment can produce financial stability. 3. Secure employment provides investment opportunity, etc. , buying real estate, equipment. B. Money and time are closely related to the extent that time is money. 1. Spend time planning how to secure finances. 2. Finances must be kept in solid order to reach level of stability. 3. Once finances are secure, growth is inevitable. C. Management is necessary component of financial security. 1. Again, time and money must balance through constant management. . High revenue-turn is by-product of financial security and time management. 3. Higher education breeds management skills. Transition: Now we go into the future. III. Promise of a better future. A. Planning for the future is today’s work.1. Solid planning is necessary to secure future goals. 2. Commitment to reaching goals comes from higher education. 3. Futuristic ideas take shape with practice, study, and action-steps. B. A secure future develops from the knowledgeable past. 1. Higher expectations bring goal-levels into focus based on knowledge. 2. A secure future rests on a secure mind. . A secure mind is the result of higher education. Transition: Let us conclude this matter. Conclusion I. Summary A. Remember that a good paying job is not in itself a good job. B. Financial security comes through astute management of time and money. C. A promising future is possible through planning, commitment, and higher education. II. Clincher A. I am empowered by the experiences of higher education. B. You all will be uplifted and empowered by your higher education experiences. C. The advantages of higher education are real…just look at all of us!

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