Is It Always Worth It to Pursue the Truth

The matter of truth is a very sensitive subject. It is one that is seen differently by every single person, yet the society as a whole has managed to come to a general basis of what truth actually is. This basis is that the truth is “a fact that has been verified. “1 This definition is a blunt one, but it states what the truth is clearly, which is more than can be said about the actual reality of truth. It is also said that honesty is the best policy, meaning that the truth is the best thing to tell.

But is it? And, how far should we go to achieve the knowledge of truth?

Should we chase after it, even if it harms others? Should we look for it when it might not want to be found? Should we really pursue the truth at any cost? It is the latter question that is being tackled all over the world. In today’s modern society, the truth should be pursued at any cost because it always has a way of coming to light.

The truth is sought everyday; by journalists, leaders of countries, and even ordinary people. The truth is piece of knowledge that everyone wants to own, and essentially, the truth is knowledge. When acquiring the knowledge of something, you are acquiring the truth of something.

What Is Truth and Should We Seek It

It is this that drives people towards discovering the truth. But the path to finding the truth can be a very destructive one, as seen during the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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Here, the pursuit for truth cost the lives of 220,000 human beings2. However, the fact that a true scientific discovery was made in this event should not be forgotten, even if the said event was catastrophic. Scientists were able to discover the ability of the atomic bomb, and to fully comprehend what it means to destroy an area/country in a matter of seconds.

But, the fact still remains that when seeking the truth, or seeking knowledge, there will not always be a comfortable path that will test the moral and ethical strength of the human population. This is something that has been seen in the path, and will continue to be seen in the future. It is an inevitable prospect because the way in which people’s view differ is so great, there will never be a path that will be agreed on by all. Another example of why we should pursue the truth at any cost is in the area of the natural sciences.

Currently in Geneva, a project called the Large Hadron Collider is taking place. What this huge machine does is collide opposing particle beams3 to try and discover if there is anything smaller than a proton. The purpose of this project is to gain even more knowledge in areas such as gravity, black holes and possible extra dimensions. This project however has been met with some controversy. People have been worried that by actually performing this experiment the world would be completely absorbed in itself.

But if we do not perform this experiment, the human population is missing out on the chance to see what we are really made of, and how the universe became what it is today. It can also allow us to map the future of the universe, and work out how we, as in life, can exist in such conditions. If we did not pursue this, we would be denying the society knowledge and therefore the truth that could potentially allow us to exist on other planets. However, this view only represents a proportion of society and is then another example of how the truth can differentiate between people, and how this can cause such problems when pursuing the truth.

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Is It Always Worth It to Pursue the Truth
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