Nothing Worth Knowing Can Be Taught

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Learning is probably one of the most important things in life that we cannot get by without. In today’s fast-paced life it has grown to be a cornerstone in most major economies. Education is being given a priority. Subjects such as biology and chemistry are the key to the new generation of money-minting industries. The allure of wealth pollutes the society. It becomes the survival of the smartest. When one is stuck with such societal expectations, one begins to wonder what exactly is worth knowing? One must realize that there is much more to life than that.

We must also consider the pros and cons of such a taxing education system. In the pursuit of intellectual excellence, we might have actually missed out on real education. Knowledge without the heart is disastrous. Some of the world’s most brilliant minds were also the most destructive and caused a stain on the history of the world. An example is Hitler. He was a brilliant man but due to his desire for revenge and his warped ideas of society, he almost destroyed Europe in his rampage during world war two.

Knowledge must be accompanied with good values.

Some values can be taught but there are just some values that can’t be taught. A good example is maturity. Maturity is not something that a teacher can lecture a student about. A person acquires maturity through experience. He will evaluate the experience and be wiser the next time. Maturity does not come with age, it must be acquired in daily life.

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Maturity can be gained if we overcome our fears. Maturity in words and actions will ensure that knowledge is not abused. Often missed out is also the lesson on relationships. Again relationship cannot be taught.

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A person must be in a relationship to be able to gain any valuable knowledge from it. Several values such as trust and empathy can only be truly appreciated and learned when we go though a relationship. It is a truly exclusive lesson that even the best teacher will not be able to teach. Moral values are based on what somebody’s conscience suggests is right or wrong, rather than on what the law says should be done or what a teacher teaches. Examples include integrity and honesty. These values are intrinsically learnt. For example, when a teacher advises you on meting datelines, he will give examples about the working world.

As students we can never relate to that. By putting it into practice, can we then actually learn these values. Moral values are not academic values. They can be told to a student but it is only learnt when a person actually experiences it and learns by adopting the value. In a nutshell, When some one learns from experience or past mistakes, it will carry a bigger impact than when he is preached by a teacher. Pain is also something that cannot be imparted through just preaching and telling someone. It must be felt. Through the experience of pain, one will learn the true meaning of the word.

It is then learnt and imprinted into the person’s mind. Essentially, pain is felt and learnt. No matter how much a teacher says that pain is painful it will never be the same as the sensation itself. It wouldn’t be right to deny that whatever that can be taught is worthless. Academics are important to a certain extent. They guarantee your future. They give you a firm footing to explore your areas of interest. Things such as wealth can be acquired through academic excellence. There is a thin line between learning and being taught. When one learns something, it is not necessarily taught to him.

Most of the time, what we are taught is different from what we actually learn. Learning can be done independently from being taught. Learning is the acquisition of knowledge oneself while being taught is gaining imparted knowledge. To conclude, I would say that things that can be taught such as academics are important but you can only get so far with it. The things that are really worth knowing can never be taught. There is more impact when one learns from experience than when one is taught by a teacher. To end, not through what a teacher teaches, but through what a student learns, is life really experienced.

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