Nothing we do can Change the Past but Everything we do Changes

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“Nothing we do can change the past, but everything we do changes the future,” said syndicated cartoonist Ashleigh Brilliant. Life is full of mistakes and regrets, but it is important to not dwell on the past and instead have a positive outlook on the future. Anyone can achieve their dreams, as long as they have motivation. Personal affirmations help create motivation by pointing out specific qualities that are desirable in order to strengthen them. I am a gracious, deliberative, and optimistic student, striving for a brighter future.

The first trait that I portray is graciousness, this helps create a courteous society to positively impact the future. I like to put others needs before my own, and I thoroughly enjoy listening to others.

For example, years ago, my great-grandfather resided in a Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Batesville, Arkansas. While visiting, I got the amazing opportunity to spend time with some of the lonely elderly, listen to their astounding tales, and care for them.

The experience showed me true happiness and proved to me that it is equally as important to care for others as it is for yourself. Additionally, I am appreciative for the big and small acts people do that benefit me. As little as holding the door open as I walk through, or as large as helping me accomplish a goal I am passionate about. Not only is it gracious to do things for others, but it is also to be thankful when others go out of their way to be kind.

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Any act of kindness goes a long way and having more gracious people would impact society drastically in a positive direction.

In addition, I am deliberative which gives me the chance to make smarter decisions for a brighter future. Anytime I have to make an important decision I spend time thinking about the best possible choice. Specifically, writing down the pros and cons of each possible decision, and choosing the one that has the most beneficial results. This method allows me to have more time to ponder in order to make an intelligent choice. With this being said, it is also important to know that the pros of a situation are valid enough to make a smart decision. For instance, I am currently trying to decide what college to attend after graduating from high school. Instead of choosing the school with the most luxurious campus, I look at many far more critical factors, such as which campus has the best-rated program for my career choice. Even though a decision might look rational in the present, it is crucial to also be aware of the effects it may cause in the future.

Thinking before acting will most likely give a better outcome for any situation and ensure a more propitious future. Finally, I exhibit optimism, which grants certainty that the future has amazing opportunities in store. It is inevitable to prevent negative situations, but it takes strength to turn negative thoughts into positive ones. To illustrate, a night around two years ago I got completely sidetracked and forgot to study for a test I had the next day. Therefore, I ended up scoring a very bad grade on the test. Even though I was full of disappointment, I decided to look at the benefits the situation taught me. For that reason, I have made it a priority to always remember to study for tests the night before they are given. Having a positive attitude in a situation can only create a better outcome for the future.

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Nothing we do can Change the Past but Everything we do Changes
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