Nothing but redemption from Gisa Klönne Review

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Shortly after midnight Eric Sievert stromert by the Steiner floodplain forest at Biblis. With GPS, folding shovel, flashlight, knife and pointers he is well equipped for his criminal Raubgraberei for antiques from the time of the Romans, Celts and Germans. In eight must take it just before the forester, who will make in two hours to the game. Eric employs a high-quality metal detector, the solenoid registered each metal to 30 cm depth. Just recently, he has an original bronze shield found and well vertickert.

Now he takes a clear, strong signal true: He sums in the muddy ground and draws a delicate necklace with a heart-shaped pendant out. Probably for the modern era …

Around the same time awakened in Cologne policewoman Judith Krieger from a nightmare. To escape him, she must get out of the apartment, move. Tourists, lovers, the homeless, alcoholics: the Rhine meadows below the cathedral and the Deutz bridge still many people gather in this hot August night.

When Judith cries perceives, they immediately responded with a sure instinct policeman: Where? Who? What? From a bush a shadow dissolves, a man takes flight, they pursued him, but he is faster, her escape, and she returns to the crime scene. Judith there an American holds a distraught woman in his arms, showing the dark on a figure who lies motionless on the ground.

Before arrives the task force with chief Millstatt, is surrounded by onlookers who with their phones the location of the cruel execution photograph …

Gisa Klönne starts her latest thriller “Nothing but salvation” with two story lines that still have no relation to each other.

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Detail, she describes the landscape and atmosphere of the floodplain forest. Whose menacing darkness takes a prisoner once, and you focus on every sound: the cracking of the branches, the rustle and squeak of wildlife, chuckling and chatting when Eric’s rubber boots dive into the swamp and be released again. Same, we think that mosquitoes will stab …

Quite different but equally successful, the Summer Night on the Rhine: Kölsche Tones’ and openness in the face of the Cologne Cathedral, the cruel scene of a brutal crime and the relentless reproduction unfortunately typical behaviors: Like vultures onlookers pounce on their prey; their modern technical equipment to replace the lurid beaks …

Linguistically and stylistically a very convincing start. Now we have to see how Gisa Klönne continues its suspense. A corpse has already given us, but now we want to hold on, are hot on important information that lead us ever closer to the perpetrators, let out his motives …

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