A Novel Called “Everything, Everything” Written by Nicola Yoon

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I read a novel called “Everything, Everything”, written by Nicola Yoon. As I read this novel I felt sorry for a character called Madeline Whittier. Madeline had a disease called ‘SCID’ which means she is allergic to everything, as a result she had to be kept in her house for the rest of her life. She was home schooled using computer. She was limited to talking to Carla, who was her nurse and her mom, Maddy. Her world consisted of these two people.

Which tells me that she didn’t have a social life and also that she didn’t have any hopes for her life. On her 18th birthday when her mom asked her “what is your wish for?”, Madeline replied to her mother saying, “there’s only one thing to wish for – a magical cure that will allow me to run free outside like a wild animal. But I never make that wish because it’s impossible”. I felt really sad and heartbroken for her because I can understand how someone can feel hopelessness in their life in difficult situations.

She had lost all her hope to find a cure for her disease and she felt there wasn’t any purpose in her life. Her suffering reminded me of my aunt who had breast cancer and had lost all her hope. From reading this novel I learnt that sometimes the journey of life is hard but we should always live boldly and face all the problems in our life without giving up.

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I learned that we shouldn’t lose hope easily like Madeline. The author conveys to the society that it is easy to lose hope but very difficult to stay strong at difficult times.

However, I started to get impressed by Madeline as she started to gain hope after she met Olly. Olly was her neighbour and they became friends and she started feeling positive. Later they fell in love. Olly helped her to face her fears and made her understand that her disease can never stop her from finding happiness. One night Olly had a fight with his dad and while he was sitting by his bed heartbroken, he received a mail from Madeline which said “you can’t see or predict the future, it turns out that you can’t predict the past either, time moves in both directions but don’t lose your hope because hope is a key to overcome problems”. This indicated to me the change in Madeline’s thinking, and how she went from being hopelessness go to gain hope that she has a purpose in her life. She really impressed me and made me appreciate her by her positive attitude.

I can connect with the change she went through, and how someone can completely change the lives of people around them. Similar to when my aunt had lost hope and regained the strength as she needed to live for her children. The reason why she got her hope back is because her family loved her so much and that made her to gain strength. She emotionally lived happily with her family even though she was physically suffering. In our society people who are suffering with ailments tend to lose hope very quickly but it’s important to gain inner strength to pass the difficult times without much pain. From Madeline character the author wanted to tell the society that we shouldn’t let our assumptions consume our lives. Which otherwise can become more beautiful and successful.

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A Novel Called “Everything, Everything” Written by Nicola Yoon
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