The Robot Forms a Person's Feelings of Self-Worth And Personality

Work is a colossal component of the human experience, devouring quite a bit of one’s life as well as contributing to the individual’s feeling of worth and personality. Many disregard the importance of applying long-term goals resulting in masses favoring the less demanding choice. A profession consists of a long-lasting aspiration or the general course of the drive towards deep-rooted objectives. Whilst an occupation takes action through which an individual work for its customary measures in return for installment.

Having a profession can enhance an individual’s life well past the dimension of only having work. In society today, many encounter various distractions that set back their ultimate goals due to convenience and demand for money; especially being that money plays a vital role in order to pursue most careers.

A job is ‘secured’, as steadiness of work and salary, simply working towards a paycheck and not flourishing in the vocation which one intended to be ensuing. Amounting to carrying the risk of altering priorities, that can unexpectedly change the interest and require migration.

For instance, within the essay The Traveling Bra Salesman, composed by Claudia O’Keefe she mentions,“Meanwhile, those workers whose jobs have fled are crowding into that empty terminal… they see a worker in China being paid pennies for a job that used to guarantee a nice middle -class life”.This comes to shows that the abundance of jobs available do not always accommodate to one’s necessities resulting in the constant changes of occupation due to inconvenience.

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Requires many sacrifices for a minuscule amount of compensation. Whereas deciding on a lifelong occupation not only enables growth within that particular craft but aids in working towards a meaningful career. Richard Selzer’s essay The Surgeon as Priest emphasizes,“ It is that which he sees and studies with so much horror and fascination. Something primordial in him has been aroused” .

This showcases how although one’s line of work may demand more, it can be done through one’s single desire to fulfill their obligations to the best of their abilities. To expand, occupations don’t require numerous capabilities, therefore, hindering the growth and stimulation of one’s skill set. A profession may not ensure security within one’s craft as it urges an individual to put it all on the line. While jobs are often short-lived and fluctuate based on demands, the supply and demand ratio for work remains constant but the flow of income varies and this can be observed when O’Keefe notes, “ Jobs which comfortably supported a family has been eliminated in favor of new one’s paying so little employees are encouraged to apply for food stamps”.

The excerpt included from the text indicates how jobs that may have provided enough at the time may not amount to the exigencies required in the present. All matters worthwhile may have unpredictable outcomes but, the passion-driven mentality an individual may possess can be utilized to obtain their ideal goals. This can be observed within the essay, The Surgeon as Priest when he acknowledges the gravity of exuberance within one’s craft, “ He is driven by a dark desire. To see, to feel, to discover is all. He is a passion, not a romance”. He incorporates this within his essay to showcase that fortitude remains crucial in order to fuel one’s passion despite the various pitfalls that may become menacing along the way. To further elaborate, it is evident whether an individual has driven through passion or merely just the act of gaining profit.

In summation, although a job is a pivotal stepping stone to the livelihoods of many it is critical to distinguish the difference between a job and a career. Employment essentially means gathering the equities required of the individual at the time being. Where an occupation, invests in oneself while blamelessly following personal intuition in order to pursue their overall goals. Despite the tribulations one may face, it is imperative to realize that creating a concrete platform will ultimately benefit the individual through various aspects of their life, rather than remaining constrained to a stagnant job.

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The Robot Forms a Person's Feelings of Self-Worth And Personality
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