Unique Personality Defines the True Person According to Logan Feys

When are human beings taught what the “norms” of society are? Never. Yet, one will go outside and see that people, in general, look similar to each other. Why is it that all humans basically look alike? Logan Feys argues that people look alike due to pressures that society puts on them. Feys also argues that if they were all to truly be themselves, than every single person will have a different way to express themselves. I agree that people are changed due to these pressures, but these pressures aren’t the only “pressures” that hold people back.

Furthermore, I concur with Feys on what he says defines a true person is their unique personality. I agree with Logan Feys when he says that society puts pressure on people and makes them change who they truly are. When he claims that, “…we are under the constant pressure to surrender our individuality. . .”, he is absoltttely right. People around the world will wake up in the morning, ptttting on an outfit ,but then he/she will look and the mirror and think.

“Will people like what I am wearing today?” or “What is (insert name) going to mink about this?”. And they end up changing up their outfit. Another example about society pressuring into changing people are is through their music Yes, sttch a simple thing as what a person likes to hear is judged and changed, A lot of people will ask to someone they know, “Can i see your music playlist?” and once they look at it, if they do not like something they see, they will tell that person that they didn’t like it andjudge that person.

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They’ll tell them“Oh, you listen to that?” and now that person will either try to hide that song or delete completely, I have personally seen this myself. So, yes society puts massive amounts of pressure on people, even if those people never noticei Despite what I have just stated, about people being pressured by society, there are other factors that were not addressed in Feys’ essayi Other factors being like influences and consequences.

By influences, I mean that, for instance, if tomorrow, everyone were to dress like they truly wanted to, a lot of people would start looking similar again. And its not because they are being “…slaves to society’s demandsa” as Feys’ affirmsi No, they will look alike because they will look how other people dress and say, “Hey, that is a decent outfit that he/she is wearing.” and they‘ll go home and try to match it by any means that they can. And as one can see, they are just copying styles they like. This can also be applied to music that other people like, hobbies, objects, etc. A person’s actions can also define who they are and these actions are also limited due to consequences that society, the government, etc. has put on that person. For example, if a person has a strong passion for robbing cars, well, there are laws against that. Hence, the restrictions on his actions. However, I do not believe that these restrictions are illy place, forI am simply stating a fact of our society. After putting everything all these ideas and thoughts in perspective, what makes up a person is not the non-existent rules of society that most people follow unconsciously.

Nor is a person made up of what he/she copies from the influences around them or the restrictions placed on themselves. What really makes up a unique person is the personality that he/she would take on if he/she were the only person on Earth. I say this because if there is no one left to copy, to criticize them, to reerict them, what option do they have than to be themselves. Because being “fake”, as some people call it, takes hard work, due to the fact that one has to fight against the “original” them to bring out the “fake” them, so to speak, Ultimately, Logan Feys , the author of the “The Sociology of Leopard Man”, claims that “.,.we are under the constant pressure to surrender our individuality.. .” and it is true ,but his claim is missing what other factors come into play when talking about what restricts people from being who they really are. And in order for people to become a little bit more like themselves, they need to put up their “walls” that stops other people from affecting them dramatically and just be themselves.

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