Prejudice Always Obscures The Truth

Twelve Angry Men Reginald Rose Pg 53 when juror 8 says “And no matter where you run into it, prejudice obscures the truth” he means when ever and where ever you are narrow-mindedness and racism can cloud your judgment towards people of all races and cultures, this can be proved by the stubbornness of juror 10 to change his mind about the boys case, and juror 3’s absolute unwillingness to change is mind even when all the other jurors starting with juror 8 note innocent.

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Juror 10 is one of the most racist and prejudice of the all the jurors a quote to show this is “Now you’re not going to tell us that we’re supposed to believe that kid, knowing what he is. Listen, I’ve lived among ‘em all my life. You can’t believe a word they say. I mean, they’re born liars. ” When he says this he means/believes that people are born in slums are born to live lives of crime and disseat, even thou juror 5 was born and lived in a slum all his life he is a perfectly respectably man.

This proves that juror 10 was wrong and people born in slums aren’t born to lie and commit crime. There for prejudice did obscure the truth for juror 10. Juror 3 is the last to change his note because of his grudge against kids this grudge started him and his son had a fight and his son left home ever since juror 3 has had prejudice against kids, when juror 3 says “That goddamn rotten kid.

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I know him. What they’re like. What they do to you. How they kill you everyday. My God, don’t you see? How come I’m the only one who sees? Jeez, I can feel that knife going in. this proves that juror 3 thinks he knows every kid in the whole world and knows that they are disrespectful and unthankful. In other words prejudice. When he says “Jeez, I can feel that knife going in” this shows that he is so shore of the boy committing the crime even thou the boy was found innocent in the end, showing that prejudice did lead juror 3 away from the truth there for proving the point that prejudice does obscure the truth. Despite all these facts juror 8 still saw the small chance that the boy could have been innocent a quote to show this is “But we have a reasonable oubt…. No jury can declare a man guilty unless it’s sure. ” He’s telling us we have to be sure if we are going to blame someone for anything. This shows us that prejudice isn’t every where in the world and some people do look past race and cultural backgrounds. In conclusion we have to try to look past the color of someone’s skin where they come from are born or have grown up, and look at all the facts to get the absolute truth on the questions that are asked. By Harry Plum

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Prejudice Always Obscures The Truth
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