When A Plane Takes Off, I Always Think About Bernoulli's Theorem

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My first name, Xiaoyu, means to soar to the universe in Chinese and it somehow guides my future direction. However, my desire in learning about space and Aeronautics was not evoked until I read a book called Fly to Sky. When I browsed through the types of aircraft, I was curious about why piston engines, jet engines, and turbofan engines are constantly updated among airplanes, and what are the differences between having two, three or four engines. Although the book did not give a well-defined answer, it certainly developed my interest in this area.

As time elapsed, I became more involved on this mysterious field. For example, when I looked up at the sky, I wonder about the composition of the atmosphere and the splendor of the aurora. Then I learned that actually, the atmosphere has many layers including the troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere, and so on.

Later, I went to the city library and discovered that the main mechanism of the cooling on the mesosphere was the emission of infrared radiation from carbon dioxide, while the unexpected temperature rise on the thermosphere might be due to the radiation energy of the solar particles deposited in the summer hemisphere at low latitudes or because the solar energy deposited at high latitude through auroral sedimentation.

Furthermore, due to the active state of the thermosphere, the aurora, which is a brilliant luminescence phenomenon caused by high energy charged particles in the earth’s magnetosphere or directly from the sun colliding with atoms and molecules from the upper atmosphere, can be observed.

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Aerospace Engineering is a discipline that requires high precision and great exception, but I believe I can be a competitive candidate because I am passionate about physics as I was particularly active in physics lessons and I participated in every class discussion. I felt excited when I gained some additional knowledge from my teacher and popular science books and I comprehend physics as a subject shining along the road of intuition and endeavor. The prior reason I chose physics and further mathematics in my high school was that they were both demanding academic courses and I like challenges as they can push me to become the best version of myself. I also took part in UKMT, Euclid, and BPho for 2 years. I felt fulfilled as the context could reveal my weakness and help with my development. For instance, when I took the BPho AS challenge, I felt particularly proud of myself when I was able to explain “why we can not see the dark side of the moon” using diagrams, at the same time, some questions really gave me a headache but I managed to figure out the answer via the Internet afterward. These experiences arouse my enthusiasm on tackling difficulties in real life. Additionally, I am in the Honor Roll for every semester, and being a top 10% student makes me become knowledgeable and capable to deal with complicated tasks.

Engineers are a group of people who are absolutely original and courageous and devote themselves to envisage things that have not been imagined before and I love to be a member of this extraordinary group. I have achieved the International Award Bronze level, volunteered for TEDx youth events likewise managed history club, and devoted in Student Council to enrich my experiences on collaboration and communication with people. I did an additional course called Cambridge Research Qualification and attained a ‘distinction’ on my report. My research topic was “To what extent is online education better than traditional education for students receiving higher education”, and I proceeded with this issue from students’ most concerning aspects like learning outcomes including future employments, study environment, and the costs involved.

My methodology was primarily desk research utilizing the Questiaschool system which includes various selections of books, academic journals, and magazines. Apart from this, I also looked at some authoritative websites to wider my databases. To gain international perspectives, I intended to look at several developed and developing countries around the globe, which hold their own educational philosophy. By gathering opinions from diverse cultural backgrounds, I was able to validate that online education has demonstrated its matched even higher value on learning outcomes and paying, yet most students still find it difficult to adjust to the environments. However, I also realized the research I did had some limitations.

For instance, this study gathers information about the author’s attitudes at that time, and such attitudes may change over time; peculiar fields and courses are examined in this report, so there are possibilities that findings in other areas may overturn current perceptions; although many countries are mentioned, the majority of the responses collected are from America and the United Kingdom, so the effectiveness of this report is restrained because the information may lack generalization. In conclusion, I have developed my skills in observing, researching, and evaluating along this course to be better prepared for this course and the university. Last but not the least, I am self-discipline and hardworking as I have been awarded modal border and many subject accolades over the previous two years. I am confident enough to contribute to the new alliances that will be gathered together. I believe my passion and my persistence in science would make me succeed in the engineering course. Excellent comprehension, cooperation, and creativity would help with my study and life abroad. My future goal is to make a life-changing project just like Elon Musk, who built the Space X program, and I will be grateful if I can be supported by your environment, outstanding staff, and students.

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When A Plane Takes Off, I Always Think About Bernoulli's Theorem
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