A Desire to Pursue Two Men Fields: Business and Architecture

I believe in the world there is nothing impossible until you have a strong desire 7 My father, a businessman and a highly respected person, has taught me to be the best in everything despite obstacles. “Win or do nothingl”, “Address your positive thoughts to space, and it will support you”, “Take advantage on circumstances, our unconscious is able to achieve everything” — he said. There were no sons in my family and being the youngest daughter, I have received a rather masculine nurturing.

It influenced my professional choice of two rather “men” fields: business and architecture. My father has always been my mentor, teaching me his life credos through competitive types of sport. As a result, I have a very strong aim-oriented character One year ago he luckily managed to overcome a heart-attack – this gave me the grounds for understanding of his great contribution in my life and the duty to pay him back: in my vision there is no bigger appreciation for him, than me, virtually acknowledging his statements.

And I do.

Receiving my first degree I have overcame enormous obstacles. Apart from common student challenges, like competition matter, I faced a real life span. During my studies I received a dreadful diagnosis – Ankylosing spondylitis, a systemic incurable disease. This means my organism produces cells, destroying my joints and bones, which frequently leads to an early disability. It is hard to imagine, how much efforts I have put to leave bad thoughts behindi Although it permanently appeared in distracting joints pain and sometimes it was hard for me to concentrate on work process, I have never missed a single project or a deadline in my university.

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However, on the last year of study I had a trouble with walking — something, impossible to ignore The worst experience I have ever had was mentioning glances of passers-by in the street, when I was limping around.

One month of being unable to attain classes, I dedicated to profound and independent work on my thesis project. At times I got better, I ran out of the hospital to reach my professors and client to show the results. Due to my desire to accomplish long-term dream, I got on my feet. My thesis project was regarded as one of the best, and I received the Diploma with Honors. Despite my obstacles, I am now in a good condition, doing the sports every day and leading an extremely active professional life: currently I lead three projects. Great treatment and positive thinking enrich me with energy. I keep extremely positive with my situation. This is not just an obstacle, but also a great motivation! Although being aware of difficulties I might need to overcome in future, I have an objective to achieve maximum of my professional plans by the time I get 30. This includes receiving the best education, working experience in other countries, creating my own company and contributing to my country’s architecture.

And, of course, I will do my best to improve facilities for disabled people in Russian cities. To achieve the goals, one should determine their final mission in the very beginning, Travelling to the Silicone Valley as a young engineer student, my father was consistent of his future aim of providing Russian people with electronical equipment, driven by the absence of these items in the Soviet Union. Talking about my future goals, by the time I turn 60, I wish to attain as much, as my father did. In my mind I have a clear strategy of achieving this mission. I will make Russian people happier through interior design and architecture, solving local city problems, which are: bad visual taste, low quality of design and insufficiency. At least 70 percent of modern Russian architecture problems belong to elementary visual problems. Russian education in this field is good, but rather old-fashioned. At the turn of the century my country lost its creativity, leaving the only pride of its former historical achievements. There is a high need of young and creative specialist to absorb the international modern-architecture practices to integrate them on the territory of the homeland.

I predict the uprising of great Russian specialists in various related fields, like urban studies and sociology, but not sure about architects. There are some Russian architect students in Europe, but none of them risked to study in States 7 a quintessence of modernity, which, from my point of view, is stronger than Europe in terms of modern architecture and will lead to more effective results. It is now of vital importance to build bridges between these two cultures I am strong enough to improve this situation. Since having ability to convince people, I may also influence some government bodies to initiate various city projects. With advanced knowledge in technologies and smart architecture I will represent CED Berkeley best to Russia upon my return. And I will also bring in to Russia the modern global concerns. I might also contribute to local education in this field. Teaching Russian people American architectural experience or sharing these knowledges with professional foundations will vastly improve the overall architectural situation in the world.

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