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Free essays on youth are written to provide insights about the teenage years of an individual. These essays discuss various aspects related to youth like their experiences, psychology, changing society, and important issues they face. The essays elaborate on the challenges young people face around the world and the roles they play in shaping the future. They also present ideas and concerns for society and raise awareness about the issues that affect youth as a whole. These free essays offer a valuable resource for anyone interested in understanding the thoughts, actions, and aspirations of young people.
Cognitive Behavioral Art Therapy’s Impact on Anxiety in Refugee Youth
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Cognitive-behavioral art therapy (CBAT) is emerging as an intervention that builds upon the science of disrupting cognitive distortions while utilizing the creativity and narrative of the patient. This method could be particularly useful in working with youth from non-Western cultures, which tend to have a more expansive approach to self-expression and identity. This pilot study on CBAT for one of the world’s most vulnerable populations, refugee youth, intends to examine the intervention as an effective tool to decrease symptomology of…...
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The Music And Youth
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Adolescence is a very loaded word that normally is referenced to stubborness, mood swings, bad attitudes, and rebellion. This is something that is a common theme between most of the first world countries but according to Margaret Mead's anthropological research on ‘Coming of Age in Samoa’ (1973), there is a complete lack of turmoil during adolescence at all. A more isolated culture is capable of growing through the years of adolescence without showing the same emotional signs that western cultures…...
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