Computer Security Incident Response Team Form

CSIRT is the short form of Computer Security Incident Response Team, where a group of people are assigned with difficult tasks and they must address those tasks related to incidents, which could have a potential impact on the organization, efficiently and timely. This group is responsible for protecting CIA (confidentiality, integrity, availability) of the organization’s assets such as computers and networks. The main goal of this team or group is to prevent the incidents and/or minimize the incident impact.

To achieve this the team must have people with different skills including security analysts, incident managers, network admins, system admins, risk managers, business people, trainers etc. Sometimes this team also includes people from HR and legal departments.

This group needs so many people from different departments because incident resolution is not just preventing an outage or identifying the affected systems or recovering data from a disaster. It also includes responding to the incident and proper communication to the customers about the incident.

The first skill the team should have is basic incident handling techniques. The team should comprise communication, technical and admin skills. The team should understand the vulnerabilities, security (physical) requirements, issues related to access etc. The team should be able to respond to any incident quickly and for this, they all should be aware all the applications in the organization and how they work. The people in this team should be capable of identifying patterns in the incidents and be able to analyze the data, network traffic and behavior of systems.

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This will allow them to recognize any potential motive for cyber-attack, so that the organization can take preventative measures. In addition to technical skills, they should also possess some soft skills which are often just as important as technical skills. They are listening skills, communication skills, team work, trust worthiness, problem-solving, ability to manage and cope with stress, organizational skills etc. CSIRT’s existence in any organization can help improve their security and increases business reliability. If members of the team are skilled enough, they will be able to identify the future threats and minimize the forecasted damage to the organization.

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