Medical Marijuana for Children in Pediatric Care

Marijuana is an ever-growing topic. In Colorado alone, marijuana has been decriminalized, made available for medicinal purposes, and legalized for recreational use. All of these advances in the Marijuana industry bring fonh controversy on a wide spectrum of supporters, users, and nay-Sayers, Amongst the vastly growing areas of controversy, is a little—known advancement in medical marijuana. There are currently more than one hundred and eighty children in Colorado who are treated with non-psychoactive strains of marijuana. Despite the fact that all of these cases are successful treatments, the question still remains: should children have access to Medical Marijuana? In her article “Pot for Tots: Children and Medical Marijuana,” author Judy Rollins appeal to the audience by using ethos, pathos, logos, and Kairos to speak on the subject of medicinal marijuana for children.

Judy Rollins writes about the use of medical marijuana for children in Pediatric Nursing. As an editor, she writes articles on news and current events within the world of pediatric nursing Rollins is a registered nurse with a bachelor’s of fine arts in the Visual arts, a master’s in child development and family studies, a Ph.

D. in health and community studies, and a certificate in Evaluation Practice from The Evaluators‘ Institute of George Washington University in Washington, DC. Along with all of her titles and credentials, she has received several awards including the International Society of Nurses in Cancer Care Research Award and Johnson & Johnson Society for the Arts in Healthcare Partnership to Promote Arts and Healing Award, Rollin’s titles, awards, and accomplishments within the nursing and healthcare field establish credibility towards her article in which discusses the medicinal factors of marijuana and how it can be used for children.

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