Ban of medical marijuana dispensaries in Santa Clarita

Under 1995 Compassionate Act, it is legal to use, posses, and cultivate medical Marijuana in Santa Clarita. Acquiring, and possessing medical Marijuana is quite easier than any prescribed drug with a doctor’s presciption. According to the Act, patients are allowed to purchase Marijuana in medical dispensaries, or on the streets provided they have a doctor’s recommendation, and if they are California residents (Signal). This is usually proved by producing an identity card and a doctor’s prescription. This is usually used to ensure Marijuana is used, and cultivated for medical purpose, rather than recreational.

In many California cities, use of Marijuana is illegal, but in Santa Clarita, it is not a crime to use and cultivate Marijuana as long as the law terms and conditions are applied. Possessing up to twenty eight and half grams of Marijuana is considered as an unarrestable offense, especially if the individual produces sufficient proof to be a resident, and agrees to appear before the court.

After conviction for possessing such amounts, a fine of $ 100 is charge, but possessing greater amounts of Marijuana, the offense is considered punishable, and the offender is sentenced in jail for six months, and are charged a fine of $ 500 (MPP).

In Santa Clarita, Marijuana is usually found anywhere, especially on sierra highway condos. It is common and popular such that every body between the age of fifteen and twenty five, regardless of color or race. Marijuana has various blends and categories in the city. Among all, medical bud is considered to have greater medical benefit, a factor that makes its price to be higher than others.

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Marijuana dispensaries in Santa Clarita are legalized by the States government, to supply medical Marijuana to all people who prove to be California residents, and who have doctors recommendation bas a prove of their illness.

With these prove, individuals are allowed to cultivate the recommended amount of Marijuana and to use it at home without being arrested. The law protects doctor recommendation to Marijuana users under condition they use the recommended amounts of Marijuana without exceeding the dose. They are expected to use it solely without selling it to other people (MoI). Reports of various tests and experiments show that marijuana can be used to treat illnesses, and disorders such as; post traumatic stress disorder, severe anxiety, arthritis, migraine,glaucoma anorexia as a result of chemotherapy, HIV/ AIDS among others.

However, in Santa Clarita, many people use Marijuana for other purposes other than medical. Not all people who use, posses or cultivate Marijuana are sick. Although they usually produce doctors recommendation to escape arrest, the recommendations are either fake or invalid the substance for recreation purposes, and use doctors recommendation as a shield to cover them up against arrest, conviction and charges (Indalecio 70). This has increased the use, possession and cultivation of Marijuana in Santa Clarita, as it is hard to tell who is using it for medical purpose, and for pleasure.

Although Marijuana has medical value, it’s negative effects outweighs the benefits. This has caused conflict and arguments between Federal and State law in Santa Clarita. The Federal law is against the use, possession and cultivation of Marijuana; considering the substance to have many harmful effects to the users, people in the society, and the environment. States law Considers use of Marijuana to have medical benefits (Jan 42). The city council of Santa Clarita, has voted to ban medical Marijuana dispensaries, against the States law.

Arguments on the ban of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries. The Federal law, and it’s supporters such as the city council of Santa Clarita, argues that majority of of Marijuana users are actually sick, and their health does not require Marijuana, and since they need Marijuana for recreational purposes, they decide to get a doctors recommendation to be able to freely access and use the substance without being arrested, convicted, or being fined. They get Marijuana from legalized Medical Marijuana dispensaries (DrugSense FOCUS Alert).

The presciption they use as evidence to doctors recommendation are usually invalid. The users make a deal with doctors who recommend use of Marijuana at a pay. In this case, doctors make many false recommendation in order to get high amounts without considering the harm they are subjecting these individuals to. Medical Marijuana dispensaries end up selling Marijuana to wrong people without knowing that the recommendation is invalid. People study the literature on medicinal uses of Marijuana.

They get the knowledge and information about the conditions, and symptoms the substance can treat. With the knowledge, people fake condition that would require prescription of Marijuana. Some of these conditions and illnesses, such as pain cannot be tested in a laboratory, so it becomes hard for doctors to determine the actual health status of the ‘patient’. They rely on the information provided by the ‘patients’, and which in most cases can not be evidenced. Doctors end up using the clinical signs and symptoms to prescribe Marijuana; the person’s interest.

Once the doctor has recommended use of Marijuana, the Medical Marijuana dispensaries dispense it without knowing the actual health status and requirement of the of the Marijuana to the user (Weedguru). The fact that Marijuana is common, popular, and allowed to be sold to recommended user at any place makes many people to participate in illegal trade at anyplace. These supplies are located near schools and parks. Easy access motivates young children to use substance, while still at school limiting their concentration and participation school.

The process of buying and selling of Marijuana near schools and parks is usually distracting. If the medical Marijuana dispensaries can be banned, supply and use of Marijuana can be reduced, as there would be no legalized suppliers, since many people use the legalized medical Marijuana dispensaries to purchase Marijuana for recreational purposes. Medical Marijuana dispensaries, have influence on crimes. In Santa Clarita, crimes such as robberies, burglaries and sale of illegal drugs, especially outside Marijuana dispensary, are related to Marijuana (Zachariah 408).

Medical Marijuana, especially the bud is usually sold at higher cost than the others. The crimes are committed either to earn money to purchase and maintain a consistence access of Marijuana, or by users through the influence of Marijuana. The crimes are increased in urban areas where the medical dispensaries are located. The City Council of Santa Clarita consider having the Marijuana dispensaries banned to reduce the number of crimes. In Santa Clarita, medical Marijuana is legalized but the dispensing Marijuana is against the Federal law (Shohov 121).

A ban on legalized Medical Marijuana dispensary would mean destroying the back up of illegal dispensing, and a subsequent collapse. This is likely to reduce the use of Marijuana in Santa Clarita. Marijuana has THC as its active ingredient. Doctors recommend Marijuana as a source of this medically beneficial ingredient, which is believed to relieve and manage pain. Many users argue that banning Medical Marijuana dispensaries will limit the access of this beneficial ingredient of Marijuana , and patients will be be suffering prolonged pain (Brust 140).

This argument is not sufficient to oppose the proposed ban of the dispensaries in Santa Clarita, since there are other medicines which are presented in form of pills and injectable which can be used to relieve and manage pain, rather than smoking Marijuana. The pills and injectables can be purchased from pharmacies, and medical facilities meaning that even after the ban of medical Marijuana dispensaries, patients can have pain managed by the other medicines from the pharmacies (Earleywine 148). Although Marijuana manages pain, there are other better, safer, and effective medicines which have negative side effects.

Marijuana as medicine, has many negative effects to the user, other people and the environment. It’s side effects to the user outweighs it’s benefits. Tests reports show that pot smoking destroys the respiratory organs, brain, heart, lungs and suppresses the immune system. Reports have associated Marijuana with chronic intractable illnesses especially to the habitual users (Alison and Joy 26). The smoke produced by Marijuana is a toxic pollutant. Studies show that the smoke has about two thousand chemicals which occur in a mix that cannot be be measured, predicted and deter ming their stability is hard.

This means that those who use Marijuana are at risk of disorders and illnesses caused by the chemicals in the smoke. The smoke also posses problem to neighbors, since the smoke is emitted to the atmosphere (Alicia 1077). Neighbors of smokers inhale the contaminated atmospheric oxygen, and gets effects similar to the smoker. Although non-smokers suffer the harm without knowing, even with the knowledge, there is nothing they can do to save the situation, but if medical Marijuana dispensaries can be banned, the supply of Marijuana can be limited securing their health.

Legalizing medical Marijuana is likely to pave way for legalizing other harmful illegal substances. Since there are other illegal substances containing beneficial medical ingredient, the medical Marijuana dispensaries are likely to dispense other harmful substances claimed to have medical benefits (Gieringer 42). A ban of the existing medical marijuana dispensaries will give a sigh of relief since the probability using other harmful substances will be low. Marijuana has both physical and psychological effects, such as loss of short-term memory, and respiratory related illnesses.

Although Marijuana has medicinal ingredients, the medicine can only be taken through smoking, a factor that predisposes the user to illnesses related to smoking. For example, smoking Marijuana is likely to relieve pain, but it increases chances of lung cancer, as the smoke is carcinogenic. Marijuana influences it’s users to a continuous use. When an individual starts using Marijuana it causes a continuous need making the user to continually use it. Studies show that when Marijuana is used continuously chances of losing motivation in many areas in life increases.

Users are likely to be trapped, and it’s negative influence on users motivation has showed poor performance of the users in their career, studies and other day to day activities. Habitual users of Marijuana have a tendency of forgetting thing after a very short time (Schrag 135). They forget very vital things which causes problems to their health, life, and other peoples’ in the society. For example, a n habitual user of Marijuana is likely to forget medical appointments causing inconsistence in their treatments. When driving they are likely to forget they are sharing road with other drivers and vehicles, causing accidents.

They are likely to lack motivation to attend business meeting, where they are expected to represent their Company, a factor that can make their employers to punish them, or even fire them. People need to perform various duties in their life, and need to be responsible as long as they live with others in the society. People need to work to earn income for effective living, and need to attend medical appointments in a consistence manner to ensure that treatment is effective (Boire and Kevin 171). Since many people take Marijuana as medicine to the illnesses they need to follow appointments for effective treatment and recovery.

If a patient can forget an appointment as a result of smoking Marijuana – a medicine,then it means that the medicine does the patient more harm than good because the more Marijuana is taken to treat the more the loss of memory – a greater problem. Use of Marijuana as a medicine need to be stopped, and be substituted with more effective medicines which reduces the patients illness, rather than adding more serious conditions. This can only be achieved by banning medical Marijuana dispensaries to cut the supply of Marijuana. Studies show that Marijuana impairs mental dexterity and visual skills.

This has causes many problems and deaths in Santa Clarita. For example, users of Marijuana are not restricted from driving and riding (Cole 8). What happens is they use Marijuana and drive, or operate other machines. This causes many accidents and injuries in the city. Literature shows that use of Marijuana leads to systemic hypertension and can impair peripheral vasomotor, reflexes and nerves. It influences blood flow to the central nervous system, and limits the auto regulation of cerebral vascular Habitual users have show to be at a risk of stroke as a result of poor blood circulation in the central nervous system.

Analysis made on the respiratory system of habitual users of Marijuana shows that Marijuana smoke deposits large amounts of tar in the lungs and the bronchioles. When smoked, the smokers hold s the smoke for some time. Similar studies show that the users of Marijuana have an increased mortality rate and a decreased life expectancy (Crotty 177). This is a threat to Santa Clarita, since the city is under crime, health and financial crisis as a result of increased use of Marijuana. Summary Analysis of the medical benefits of Marijuana particularly in Santa Clarita, it is clear that it has more harm to the users and the society at large.

Smoking Marijuana influences the criminal behavior in the city, causes physical and psychological harm to users and their neighbors, increases death and mortality rate, and retards the economic development of the city. This shows that it is better to prohibit the use of Marijuana, and substitute it with other medicines which can effectively treat similar conditions and illnesses with little side effects to the user, and the entire society. This explains the reason why the City Council of Santa Clarita, and the Federal Law vote for ban of medical Marijuana dispensary. References:

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