Marijuana Is Legal in Many Places for Medical Use

Marijuana is a common drug that is used by many people in Texas that many believe should be legalized. Marijuana is legal in many places whether it be for medical use or just for a smoking session like cigarettes making people want it to become legalized in Texas. There is many reasons why people believe marijuana should be legalized for such as liberty, legal use of nicotine and alcohol, medical reasons, happiness, and how it can improve the economy in certain ways.

When people say that marijuana should be legalized they tend to believe they should have the liberty to do what they want with their own body. People believe that others should respects one’s choice to do what they want with their own body and money they earned to get what they want and do what they want with it and have the right to do so.

Whenever someone mentions cannabis they tend to compare it with really harmful legal substances like alcohol and nicotine.

In the United States alone there is more than 480,000 deaths due to tobacco use and approximately 88,000 deaths due to alcohol use (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism 2020) while there’s been hardly any deaths caused by cannabis. People who want to legalize cannabis find it confusing how such harmful substances that causes a lot of deaths in the United States can be legal while cannabis isn’t legal. Marijuana has been used for many medical purposes now and helped many patients deal with their problems and health issues.

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Many doctors approve the use of marijuana to patients if they have been diagnosed with something that can be helped with marijuana providing some patients to get a marijuana medical card.

Patients with a medical marijuana card tend to use it to help treat or cope with cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Crohn’s disease, eating disorders like anorexia, cancer cachexia, epilepsy, and many other disease or disorders (Lava 2018). Cannabis can help with Alzheimer’s due to the help of a chemical in cannabis called Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC slows the production of beta-amyloid that is the main cause of progressing Alzheimer’s disease. Marijuana also contains CBD (cannabidiol) which is believed but hasn’t been proven to help treat cancer patients, but more research is needed before being confirmed. Marijuana can help alleviate some symptoms and pain with Crohn’s disease but not treat it since there is no known cure for it yet. THC tends to make people crave more food which can help with an anorexic patient to get a craving for food and eat more. Cancer cachexia is common for cancer patients and cannabis could help relieve some of the symptoms helping to cope with the pain caused by cachexia.

Cannabis is also helpful for controlling seizures for people with epilepsy preventing them from harming themselves during an episode. According to Pohlman (2018) some places don’t allow the use of marijuana even if a patient has a medical marijuana card and can still be charged if caught with cannabis or even arrested. Allowing the legalization of marijuana will help many patients within Texas to treat their own disorders or cope with them better. Many people use marijuana simply to make themselves feel happy and enjoy a good time or cope with depression. Depression is a common disorder found in the United States and according to Koskie (2018) there is 16.2 million people who tend to have at least one major depressive episode every year possibly even more. Depression is really serious and can be treated with therapy, antidepressants, and marijuana. Now while marijuana isn’t the best solution it can relieve stress and anxiety lowering the levels of depression.

According to Olson (2017) the human brain contains certain cannabis chemicals like anandamide which makes people become happier since the chemical is in effect. Marijuana tends to release this chemical and make the user usually become really happy and allows them to enjoy themselves calming down anxiety and depression. Of course a person doesn’t need to be depressed if they want to take cannabis they could simply use it to enjoy themselves more. Marijuana can become a great source of income for the economy. It would allow for new companies meaning more jobs would be available for people. The government can also place taxes on cannabis to help raise revenue. According to an article called How Profitable is the Average Cannabis Dispensary (2020) some dispensaries reached sales up to $10 million while less profitable dispensaries reached sales worth $100,000 and also stated how in 2017 people spent an estimate of $9 billion worth of cannabis.

While there is a lot of positive things about cannabis it can be addictive which is known as a marijuana use disorder. Addiction is really serious that can lead to a consumer to not stop abusing a drug and can affect the people around you. Addiction is no joke and people shouldn’t be abusing cannabis if they have no need for it. Marijuana is a common drug that has been legalized in some states in the United States and used for many things that can help and individual or even help an economy raise revenue. Texas is a state that currently if an individual is caught with 2 ounces or less of marijuana will receive a Class B misdemeanor. Texas should look at the positives of marijuana more and legalize marijuana for people to use.

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