Responsible for the Client’s Health and Fitness

Health/fitness professionals have the expectations to represent themselves and the company in a way that makes not only the client feel safe and secure but to also make their facility look good. The professionals are a reflection of their work and character, the misleading or deceptive manner that can happen, especially to women, is what makes women feel cautious about getting into shape and staying healthy. Not only does it happen to women that are clients it also can affect women in the profession.

The two views points that will be provided, is to show the ethics that negotiate the level of trust and integrity that a professional should conduct. When being in a profession one is directed best for clients and should practice the education, knowledge and experience to appropriately train clients. The primary responsibility should not be for the self-interest or financial gain.

This simply means if the professional is giving their client a recommended product or anything in that nature just for the result of compensation when everything should be based on the client’s needs instead of the profession’s wants.

The level of respect, as mentioned previously, is not only for the client’s sake but also their peers that work the facility. How you treat your fellow peers and how you they treat you plays a huge role for the client how professional the establishment is. For example, if a situation occurs the professional should focus on the behavior first and then communicate in a non-derogatory way by not making any judgmental comments to where the people involved feel belittle no matter how much blame they USE.

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The professional boundaries that the employer carries are to insure to never exploit anyone that comes into the facility, whether it‘s a client, employee or a familiar face.

The client to instructor confidentially should be kept as what it is, Meaning the result, conversation, behavior and other personal information should not be discussed outside of the client. The boundaries of physical interaction should be kept at a minimum and at the client‘s request. If the professional can’t maintain his boundaries the clients should terminate the relationship or the professional should refer the client to another professional that can keep the appropriate boundaries. Everything should be kept business and never personal.  What is your professional opinion on this matter? How do you see it impacting your profession in the future years to come? In conclusion, a professional mentality must be kept in the workplace at all times. The clientele that is built through boundaries, trust and respect should not only go for the professional but also the clients themselves.

The skills and abilities that one has to hold not only makes them liable for their client’s health and fitness but makes them liable for their knowledge of the profession. The reason being to why representation is one of the most important factors when dealing with ethics in the health/fitness aspect is because one’s health is important and has to be taken seriously due to the seriousness of the health implications and fitness is something that has to be done right to get the result wanted especially for new goers who are not familiar with the gym yet. The use of truth, fairness and integrity to conduct all professional decisions and relationships is what helps keeps the interacting with clients of other trainers open and honest so those clients cannot interpret the interaction as unprofessional and inappropriate of their business.

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