Nursing Major's Self-Care Plan

Anyone that is currently a nursing major or considering being a nursing major in college should first be a role model before anything, Being a role model is very important because as health care providers, nurses have to deal with the public and a lot of people tend to look up to them, Nurses are pegged as caring people who often put others before themselves The purpose of this paper is my commitment to a self-care plan based on my personal assessment that allows me to a role model for health and wellness as a nursing major.

  Health can be defined many ways But, one way to define health is being free from sickness and injury, Nurses should always have a clear understanding of health and wellness because being a nurse is all about promoting a healthy lifestyle. Personal accountability is a key value to have in the nursing field; personal accountability is being responsible for your actions.

Professionalism is staying true to the codes and ethics of nursing and following all rules and regulations in the health care facility Self—care is anything a person can do to improve or maintain their lifestyle.

The assessment that was recently taken by the author stated that he or she needed to improve on their nutrition, physical self-care and emotional awareness. The lowest score at 52% says that the author needs to improve on eating habits. Emotional awareness was assessed at 56% and physical self-care was determined at 68% For the 3 areas that were identified as needing the most attention goals have been set.

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As far as nutrition, more fruits and vegetables will be eaten on a daily basis It is proven that by eating the recommended daily amounts weight and health can be controlled and improved.

Also less of the fatty, sugary foods will be eaten in smaller portions or not at all. Physical self-care can easily be improved byjust taking care of your body and not overdoing it; relaxation can go a very long way, Taking time to wind down from the day can help someone improve their physical self-care. As far as emotional awareness a goal has been set to take time to realize how one is feeling. Knowing how you feel can help a person recognize their feelings and realize how they affect thoughts and behaviors. Nurses have to have a clear understanding of health and the health field. They have to know how to take care of others and themselves. So, for at least one year I am committing myself to eating more fruits and vegetables each day and eating less “bad” foods. Also, there will be more time taken out of the day for emotional awareness. Knowing how one feels about a certain situation or about life itself can be very beneficial. Finally, physical self—care will be improved by taking time to relax and unwind after a long day.

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