The Goal is To Establish Professionalism

The purpose of this memo is to explain the importance of utilizing correction fluid on documents.  I turned in two handwritten documents to the Training Staff with errors that were lined through instead of fixed with correction fluid.  This caused the documents to look less than professional.  In addition, these errors should be rectified to set the proper tone for the appearance of documentation for the duration of a career in law enforcement.  The utilization of correction fluid is important because it is one of many steps necessary to create a professional culture.

An organization’s culture dictates how the members of the organization conduct themselves.  It is based on shared commonalities and expectations that members understand as normal behavior.  Leaders establish organizational culture through written rules and regulations, but they also establish culture through unwritten expectations on how members present themselves and their work.  Not every detail can be outlined in procedural manuals because regulations would be overloaded with minutiae that would obscure larger governing directives.

  If the objective is to establish professionalism, the members of the organization should have a shared understanding as to what is necessary to create the desired effect.  Documentation should present an official image, regardless of the author’s perception of the audience’s intended use for the documents.  Members may not have the luxury to complete important documents on a computer, and handwritten documents may be a common practice.  Correction fluid is a simple solution to reach the desired professional image.

Human error is inevitable but does not negate the requirement to present professionalism.

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  Crossing through handwritten errors displays the author corrected themselves to ensure the proper intentions were projected.  In addition, crossing out errors also allows the audience to see the mistaken train of thought and could divert attention and dilute the impact of the intended message.  Once again, the solution is as simple as applying correction fluid.  The commercial market has a plethora of tools and techniques available at low costs which enable organizational members to rectify mistakes and meet their professional goals. In conclusion, organizational professionalism requires members to take the necessary steps, regardless of how small those steps may appear, to meet their intended goals.  Utilizing correction fluid is one of the many tools available to people striving to achieve the image they want to portray.  Handwritten documents are still a necessity in many organization and require the same due diligence as material produced electronically.

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