Vocational Education and the New Doors in High School Education

Vocational Education opens new doors in high school education, the common thought is that vocationaleclucation is for the student that cannot function. In a normal classroom situation while this theory still holds some water. vocational Instruction has taken a turn to high technology programs that allow students to work in an environment much like the real-world job market. This type of classroom surrounding provides for new and different experiences outside the scope of the normal classroom routine. For instance, classes the pertain business is set up similarly to a business office, providing all the latest innovations in the field accessible to the class.

Other examples include electronics and computer training courses that provide the latest in high-tech equipment. Students enrolled in courses of this caliber learn fundamental topics that pave the road for college courses. Following these standards, students get a better picture of what they want to do later from experience, whereas before taking such programs, the student may have only had a hazy picture of his or her goals in school.

The high quality of the course content allows high schools to provide programs that are usually out of the home school budget. Where the old thought of vocational education was a place to send the unruly student the newoutlook is an extension of the regular school program. Although there are newer, high-tech courses, the programs also do accommodate specialized training labs for those who cannot succeed in the normal classroomenIorment. Counseling and individual attention is given to students.

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which helps them better their skills. The environment is to stress education all courses provide a taste of both college-level studies. and whatis out there in the job World. Where a guidance counselor can paint a picture about what a student has for options, the vocational classroom allows students to paint their own picture, in hopes that it will inspire and shape goals for college.

It worked for me, before I enrolled in the vocational program, I had not a clue about what to do later in school or with life, and really didn‘t care much. After the program, I had a good picture of what I wanted, and now am going after it, I’m not trying to saythat this is the answer for everyone because it is not+ by any means. But it does work. The experience gave methe drive to ambition to accomplish something. Where before there was none available through the program are internships. With larger companies students involved in the intern program getout on the job, and are evaluated by the intern employer. Sometimes, the intern may keep the student forlong periods of time, and even pay a wage to the studentas they work through high school.

This isn‘t always thecase but there have been situations where this was accomplished. On another end of the vocational education topic, there are serIces crowded the high school faculty and administrators. Computerized sewices connect school districts with computer networks, and provide training support and semce plans for office and classroom equipment. Adult education courses are also availablefor adults wishing to get prep college courses, GED or specialized training in word processing and othercomputer applications. To wrap up, vocational education has come around to a new attitude. The system still provides for the troubled student, while pushing the envelope for the high tech classroom environment. By opening doors for students and school administrators, vocational education and high school can better integrate. designing a program that will cover all bases, which in turn prowdes better possibilities for students.

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