The Importance of Physical Education Classes in High School

Physical education is important for students in high school. Every school should add this subject to be a main subject because it can help students to stay healthy. Even most students like to stay at their home and play their phone, they should do exercise for several reasons.

The initial advantage of physical education is that students have healthy life because if this subject is not required in high schools, students will spend their free time on another thing instead of working out.

For instance, physical education classes assist students to do exercise one hour per week. It is better than they spend their time on their phone.

Another key benefit of physical education classes is that students can socialize with new people because this subject has many activities which students need to work together as a group. For example, physical education class usually requires students from different classes to do activities as a team, this makes students meet new friends and they can communicate with them.

The final advantage is physical education helps students to relieve their stress because exercise helps their body to pump up their endorphin. It is a brain chemical which increases happiness.

In conclusion, physical education is important for students in high school for the above stated reasons. If students do not exercise and spend their time on nonsense things, such as playing their phone, they will get an obesity and unhealthy life very easily. Students should exercise at least 3 times a week.

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