The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Privatization of High School Sports

Privatization of high school sports is a debate that has existed amongst stakeholders Privatizing the sector has its own pros and cons and for this reason, some stakeholders support it while others abhor it There a number of advantages of privatizing high school sports, Privatizing means that school administrations will have minimal interference with the sports schedules and timetable, Privatizing it also gives the organizers and other stakeholders in the sports arena to be fully devoted and committed to this noble cause (Pruter, 2013).

On the other hand, there are disadvantages of privatizing high school sports. Giving school administration and management insignificant roles mightjeopardize the efforts to make sports a good activity among teens. When sporting activities are patt of the education curriculum, school administrations are mandated by law to incorporate them in timetables In this case, sport activities serve two purposes: to facilitate a holistic and an-all-round growth and development of a person and to compete.

When the sports are privatized, the risk of sacrificing all other noble objectives at the expense of competition and income generation alone will be high (Chen, 2015).

The young person will be the greatest looser having been denied an opportunity to derive the maximum benefits from sporting activities The discriminating factor that is always of public schools versus private schools participation in sports will be intensified if sport privatization is allowed. For a number of decades, there has existed debate as to whether sport performance of private schools and private schools should be graded and rewarded in a similar way (Freeman, 2015).

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In conclusion, privatization of sports in high school may be a great idea but its benefits are outweighed by the challenges and the demerits of such a move, It is better to strengthen the school administrations as well as sports departments to be able run it smoothly and effectively.

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