Cause and Effect Essay Over the year’s high school sports has had a big impact on students who are involved in school sports. Research shows that students who are involved in athletics in school tend to have stronger leadership skills, healthier lifestyles, high self-esteem and help them to have better relationships with their peers. Supreme Court Justice Byron White stated, “Sports and other forms of vigorous activity provide educational experience which cannot be duplicated in the classrooms.

They are an uncompressing laboratory in which we must think and act quickly and efficiently under pressure and then force us to meet our own inadequacies face to face and to do something about them as nothing else does….

Sports resemble life in capsule form and the participant quickly learns that his performance depends upon the development of strength, stamina, self- discipline and a steady judgment. ” This statement tells us that sports can be a very good thing in our educational teachings, but it is not in the classroom.

A sport teaches children sportsmanship. Sociologists have studied the subject of high school athlete’s participation and their literature contains mixed results. Howell, Miracle, and Ree (1984) examine the earnings of males one year and five years after their high school graduation. They find that no premium is earned by varsity high school athletes for those who do not attend college. They also found that some athletes obtain higher levels in schooling.

Sport In School Essay

Sports can be a positive thing only if the athletes know what their recommendations are and also they know that just because they are in sports doesn’t mean that they don’t have to participate in class.

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Sports has been proven to keep children off the streets and out of trouble. This is an after school activity. So by that this gives children the opportunity to be active in something positive and not doing the bad things that we all hear about. Parents and guardians have to take charge and give a responsible role model to go by.

Not only do they need to show responsibility, but also they need to teach their children how to explore what’s best for their life. Not letting them be totally free to make their own decisions but let them be limited to what they can make decisions on. Like what sports they can play, how they are going to handle their school work and playing sports at the same time and dong what they have to do at home as well on day to day bases. There is a negative side to sports that only happens when athletes get the wrong impression about what position they are in.

Some athletes think that just because they are an athlete then they can do their work as they want. In some situations, students are given a break because they are the top athlete. What does this teach them? It doesn’t teach anything positive to any student whether they play sports or not. There are some athletes that take advantage of other students because they feel like they are in a lower position as them. This can make a student lose their self esteem if they are not strong enough to handle the negative comments from other students.

Many high school students that play sports fix into a certain group of kids that everyone like and want to be like. Playing a school sport can put a student in the category of being poplar. Poplar students get all of the attention from the other kids and this sometimes can take from others. Students can tend to let this position some what run their lives and make them into a person that no one likes are care for. Being a high school sport player can have its up and downs.

The biggest effect of being a high school athlete is that you’re always have pressure from everyone to be the best and you have to play this way if you want to be that way. The role of sport in society, and more particularly in schools, has been debated for many decades. There are divergent viewpoints on the value of sport, with proponents on one end of the continuum hailing sport as having the same goals and objectives as all of education and on the other end those who purport that sport is an entertainment enterprise that should be separated from education altogether.

In all sport can help a student more than harm them in their studies. They feel they are a part of something and this make them want to learn more and keep their grades up so they can play sports. Playing any kind of sport in high school can be very awarding in the end. One can get scholarships to college that will pay the full amount to go to college. They can be awarded with being name the VIP for the school in any of the sports they play. In the end being a high school sport player can be both awarding and unfulfilling.

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