Advantages And Disadvantages Of Science And Technology

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Science and Technology is a double edge sword it cuts both ways depending on how it is used science and technology can make or destroy us. It is essential that we must know and understand its advantages and disadvantages. ADVANTAGES OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Communication From hand-held computers to touch phones, technological advancements in the field of communication are endless. The means and the modes of communication are unlimited. Some of the benefits of technological advancements in the field of communication are: Speed : time is no longer a constraint in communication

Clarity : With megapixel images and video, and high fidelity audio systems clarity in communication has become a never-before experience Proximity : technological advancements have made the world a smaller place to live in Dissemination : whether spreading information, broadcasting news, or sharing knowledge, technology has made it faster, easier, and smarter Education Technological advancements in the field of education are fast evolving.

Today, e-learning is a familiar and popular term.

Some of the benefits of technology in this field are: Personalized learning experience: Learners are able to take control and manage their own learning.

They set their own goals, manage the process and content of learning, and communicate with peers. Immediate response: Most e-learning programs provide immediate feedbacks on learner assessments. Similarly there are features such as chat, discussion boards, e-libraries, etc that allow clarifications at a faster pace than in traditional classrooms. Self-paced: Learners can chart courses at their own pace.

Science And Technology Disadvantages

This ensures higher levels of motivation both in terms of completing the course as well as in performance.

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Greater access: Technological advancements have opened education to learners with learning disabilities and in remote locations. Healthcare The marriage between medicine and technology has reshaped healthcare and revolutionized the medical profession. Some of the major benefits are: Secure environment: Technology allows physicians and patients to interact in a secure and comfortable environment to discuss sensitive issues.

Flexibility: Physicians can answer routine and less critical queries at a convenient time. Cost- and time-saving: Physicians can follow-up, provide advice, and re-direct patients to resources on the Internet. This saves cost and time by reducing office visits. Medical devices: Medical aids allow patients to continue recovery at home reducing their hospital stay. Vulnerable population: Technology aids the very young, elderly, and patients with complex birth defects, chronic illnesses, and disabled children by alleviating their problems so that they can continue living in their homes.

Society Today technology pervades almost all aspects of our daily life from shopping, banking, making travel arrangements to university admissions. Some of the benefits are: Convenience: Provides a great deal of convenience in expediting personal and business transactions be it shopping, banking, or simply paying bills. Speed: From sending gifts to making payments everything gets a done with a few clicks. Communication: The world is a smaller place and technology allows everyone to keep in touch with their families and friends at a more affordable cost.

Accuracy: Technology has reduced errors in mundane and monotonous chores, saving time and cost. Development: Technology has brought about development in many fields such as medicine, government, business, education, etc. Technology has evolved and transformed our lives and society. Overall, it has brought about tremendous growth and benefit to mankind. DISADVANTAGES OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Pollution One of the biggest concerns about modern technology today is pollution. Vehicles and major manufacturing plants are releasing ever-increasing amounts of carbon dioxide, and that may greatly contribute to global warming.

Fewer Jobs As computing technology and robotic mechanisms become increasingly advanced, fewer jobs are available due to the fact that machines can perform a task more efficiently at a quicker pace. Social Isolation Modern technology has made it possible to connect more frequently, email and text messaging do not lend themselves to intimate revelations or in-depth conversations. These are things that may be necessary to combat loneliness and isolation. Competency With spell check and automatic technology, simple knowledge and calculations are done for most people.

While this does save time and effort, it causes many individuals to become dependent on technology, which can be problematic in situations without modern advancement. Behavioral Problems Because of the amount of time children spend watching television, views and behaviors are affected. One example is evidenced in a study by researchers at the University of Michigan that spanned 15 years. It found a link between childhood television viewing and adult violent behavior. Other studies found links between TV viewing and smoking, drinking and risky sexual behavior. Let us not forget that anything that is out of control or in excess is always bad.

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