Advantages And Disadvantages Of Work Life Balance Social Work Essay

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2.0 Introduction:

AA literature reviewA is a critical and in depth rating of old research in a peculiar country. It allows anyone reading the paper to set up why you are prosecuting this peculiar research plan. The function of a literature reappraisal is to detect replies to a research job.

Machi & A ; Mc Evoy ( 2008 pp.3 ) explain an beforehand literature reappraisal as “ the foundation for placing a job that demands original research, and is the footing for the survey of a research job. ” Both writers even explain farther that a literature reappraisal critically proposes further research which guides the job into placing research aim which so leads to findings and decision from the whole research. Therefore the literature reappraisal covers countries such as the outline of work life balance, the benefits, the attack of gender towards work and life, policies implemented and the best pattern attack to equilibrating work and non-work demands.

2.1 The Outline of Work Life Balance

Work-life balance is defined as “ the equilibrium between the sum of clip and attempt person devotes to work and that given to other facets of life ” .

hypertext transfer protocol: // file=haw/files/Work-lifeBalance.pdf. However Kaila ( 2005 pp.223 ) relates work life balance as “ making supportive, healthy work environments for employees who are endeavoring to better incorporate their work and personal duties ” . In the early 19 century society had categorised working as dominant over life and personal committednesss. However, in this new millenary of the 20 century, the altering forms of persons ‘ involvement, gender, societal functions and peculiarly the work force have shifted where persons are seeking personal values and pull offing the complexnesss of life outlooks.

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2.2 The Benefits of Work-Life Integration:

The key concern drivers for work-life balance in the workplace tends to further positive result such as addition productiveness, reduced turnover, raised morale attract and retain employees. Thompson et Al. ( 1999 pp.14 ) indicated

“ if an organisation Fosters single work-life integrating a cardinal outlook is a positive impact on single work public presentation. Professionals sing clip emphasis or psychological emphasis because of their high work load and possibly because of the demands of private life that they can non carry through satisfactorily, will be probably to endure from low concentration and in the terminal lower productiveness. ”

Conversely, Hudson ( 2005 ) analysis underlined that employees in organisations who do n’t hold a balance of work and non work affairs tends to see and bring forth negative results. In fact Hudson ( 2005 ) expressed farther by connoting that employees are more likely to be less productive, less committed and extremely decisive of go forthing the administration once they are sing increased emphasis due to work/life conflicting issues and are perceived of holding no control over equilibrating work and non-work demands.

However Kaiser et Al. ( 2010 ) believed that if one viewed reconciliation work and life construct as a agency of take downing absenteeism, cut downing emphasis and wellness issues, so one can safely associate that work-life integrating can hold a positive impact on employees ‘ public presentation and productiveness. So based on what was stated above, it may look that the administrations are the 1s profiting from work-life balance. However Kossek & A ; Lambert ( 2005 ) implied that employees besides benefit from work-life balance results where workers see lower degree of emphasis, cut down work and non-work struggles and constrains and have greater liberty and flexibleness in accomplishing work-life balance. In visible radiation of what was stated above by relevant writers, it is prudent to indicate out that work-life integrating can hold a positive result which benefits the employees and heighten the administration.

2.3 Organizational Behaviour towards Work-Life Balance:

The present magnitude of sing work life balance is to advance a healthy balance between work and non work committednesss which should be the chief thought for administrations to see. However non all directors view work life balance as positive results for the organisation. In fact Rodbourne ( 1996 ) argued that the work/life civilization can be perceived as a factor correlated to less occupation security and negative calling patterned advance due to the use of work/life policies. Conversely, Druker ( 2000 ) implied that it is corporation societal duties to promote work-life balance within their organisation.

However more and more organisations are advancing and even offering work life balance plans in the workplace. Herlihy & A ; Maiden ( 2005 ) imply that successful organisations are where they are today because they invest in their employees since they recognised that people are capital assets of the organisations instead than a cost to be administered. Both writers besides believed that in order for employees to be effectual at work, they themselves need to be able to do alone parts to the administration that lies within the contexts of their ain personal status. In relation to Herlihy & A ; Maiden ( 2005 ) , Powell ( 2010 pp 199 ) explained that “ persons success in pull offing the work-family interface is influenced by the environments that their employers provide and the schemes they adopt. ” Powell ( 2010 ) continued further saying that employees who have family-supportive directors and work in organisation that offers family-friendly enterprises tends to remain with the organisation.

2.4 Gender and Work Life Balance

The early version of working in society was composed that work forces were the dominant 1s towards work while adult females were distinguished as homemakers, nevertheless the construction of that construct has dramatically change where adult females are merely every bit equal to work forces in facet of professionals. Maron ( 2009 ) reported on Equal Stress signified that surveies have found that adult females are lending 44 % of the family household income compared in the yesteryear and that child care by work forces have increased in recent times. Friedman & A ; Greenhaus ( 2000 ) pointed out that long ago it was known that work forces was the breadwinner and adult females was the stay-at-wives, nevertheless alterations has shifted in the composing of the workplace enormously. Friedman & A ; Greenhaus ( 2000 ) noted that adult females make up half the work force and is increasing in higher degrees whereas there is fewer force per unit area on work forces categorized has the exclusive breadwinner.

Korabik et al. , ( 2008 pp.223 ) stated that the “ gender function political orientation ” conceptualized the tradition that adult females should give precedence to household duties and work forces to work duties. ” However Korabik et Al. ( 2008 ) advocated the fact that the gender function political orientation emphasizes a more stereotype function where it frequently produce a negative impact on both female parents and adult females and have developed a nonreversible judgmental analysis. Alternatively the detriment consequence of this should impact on work forces besides so that adult females should non be expected to conform to the stereotype gender function.

Despite the many fluctuations of work and life functions for adult females, Cleveland et Al. ( 2000 ) stated that the implicit in premise focuses that the theoretical account life-role for adult females was housewife and that working adult females callings and work committednesss would be interrupted by gestation and child care. Cleveland et Al. ( 2000 ) imply that yes adult females do halt working briefly due to pregnancy nevertheless bulk of them do return to work after that short break. Reeves ( 2010 ) stressing that whether adult females are taking attention of kids, cleansing, cookery and covering with errands, adult females of today has been and are working harder than earlier to run into the demands of work at place and on the occupation.

Reece & A ; Brandt ( 2006 ) pointed out that most working work forces, merely as adult females, need to equilibrate work and personal life and now have picks which relate to marriage and household life concerns. Harmonizing to Strober ( 2010 ) reported on US Banker News proclaimed that 40 % of work forces wants to be employed by organisations that allows them to use there managerial accomplishments and at the same clip still hold clip to be successful male parents and hubbies.

2.5 Policies behind work-life balance:

In many organisations there are a scope of policy picks that have been put in topographic point to suit employees in the field of work life issues. Polices implemented in administrations are intended to help employees, particularly health professionals and females, to pull off work and personal struggles. Supporters of policies argue that the policies in HR patterns help people achieve balance of work and life issues. Sparrow & A ; Cooper ( 2003 pp.220 ) applied the situational theory model citing “ work-life balance policies are introduces where the organisations sees a direct nexus between them and a solution to jobs of absenteeism, and staff turnover ” . He indicated that employers are implementing policies as portion of a scheme in effort to exemplify lovingness duties for get bying parents.

However, harmonizing to Hudson ( 2005 pp.14 ) , “ the mere handiness of extended and generous work/life policies does non necessary consequence in widespread use by employees or later betterments in work/life balance decreases in work/life struggles. ” He explains that the complex nature of work-life balance policies is non being utilized because employees are afraid to utilize the plans as a consequence of fright of negative effects. Coussey ( 2000 ) mirrored Hudson ( 2005 ) statement by connoting that employers may believe that it is undistinguished benefits of holding these constabularies and that employees may be unable to afford to do usage of these policies because of concerns that it may impact their calling patterned advance.

However, harmonizing to Torun ( 2007 pp.5 ) “ the possible benefits of work-life programmes, can take to existent qualitative and quantitative benefits for the employer in footings of productiveness additions, lower turnover rate, a stronger squad spirit and trueness to employer. ” His analysis of work life balance is associated with employees ‘ public presentation which provides groundss that a well construction programme can help with clip direction benefits for both the employees and the employers in footings to increase productiveness and at the same clip personal life satisfaction. Conversely, to congratulate to Torun ( 2007 ) analysis, Crouter & A ; Booth ( 2009 ) implied that administration that has a supportive work-family civilization is associated to positive results that administrations benefit from such as addition committedness, higher occupation satisfaction, lower absenteeism, decreased work household struggle, decreased psychological hurt, fewer bodily ailments and reduced function strain.

Edwards, Scott & A ; Raju ( 2003 ) said that work life plan have been created to help with the managing of working persons ‘ duties of both work and personal affairs. Galinsky & A ; Johnson ( 1998 ) argued that these really said policies are suppose to be seen as indispensable manner of pulling and retaining best endowment for administrations. Burke & A ; Cooper ( 2006 pp.149 ) have similar sentiment to Galinsky & A ; Johnson ( 1998 ) statement by citing that “ the proviso of work-life benefits more clearly distinguishes an employer from its rivals and might hold significant effects on an administration ‘s image as “ good topographic point to work ” . Conversely to province, in this peculiar country all writers that have given their analysis about policies and work-life balance are merely stressing that administrations that implement work -life policies tend to pull committed employees to work for them.

2.5.1 The Characteristics of Work-Life Balance:

The passage of work-life balance challenges the knowledge that the demographic work force has changed drastically in recent old ages. The fact of the affair is that the work force includes dual-earner spouses who are married and have the duties to care for kids and soon some are besides burden with adult-care duty excessively. Because of these brush, several statute law policies was introduced in the UK to suit the European work force committedness, merely to call few from the set are:

Parental Leave

Pregnancy Leave

Flexible Time

Time off for dependents

2.5.2 Flexible Working:

The construct of flexible working has been normally utilized by many organisations to help employees with equilibrating work and life. Many employers understand the demand for flexible working because of the turning diverseness of adult females in the workplace, ageing population and immature grownups prosecuting an instruction and wishing to work at the same clip. In fact newsman Coughlan ( 2009 ) surveies have found that every two individual in an administration there are now more than one individual in instruction.

Harmonizing to Peper et Al. ( 2005 ) employees need flexibleness in the workplace that would help them to equilibrate the demands of work and household. Peper et al. , ( 2005 ) implied further that employees no longer expect their occupations as long life, but do except to construct self-opportunities from working. Specifically the ability to maintain this in head is really indispensable for directors. Robertson ( 2007 ) critically send a really of import message saying that organisations that offer flexible working agreements to employees offers employees to advance good balance between work and place life will germinate to healthy employees and healthy employees are good for concern. To co-occur with Robertson ( 2007 ) , Konrad ( 2006 ) argued that surveies have found that employees who have entree to work-life flexibleness demonstrate stronger organisational committednesss and lessenings employees intention to go forth the administration.

2.6 Best Practices advancing Work-Life Balance:

The complexness of a best pattern attack would be appealed by employees one time offered by administrations. By exhibiting this context it would help in develop strategic responses and positive constructs for employees and employers. Burke & A ; Cooper ( 2008 pp.229 ) “ best patterns in the workplace are by and large understood as a set of patterns or actions which consequences in optimal results, ideally profiting both employees and the using administration. ” Burke & A ; Cooper ( 2008 ) further explains that the jussive mood of work patterns increases the morale of run intoing the double docket of employees ‘ wellbeing and workplace effectivity.

To mirrored Burke & A ; Cooper ( 2008 ) , harmonizing to Taylor ( 2002 ) he indicated that organisational patterns frequently assists companies to accomplish competitory advantage in the market place. They argued that these patterns normally enhance concern public presentation in organisations that implement patterns. However, another theoretician Cooper ( 2005 ) disagreed with the statement above, she indicated that what is consider good pattern in one organisations may non be appropriate in one another. Harmonizing to Lewis & A ; Cooper ( 2005 pp.5 ) “ good pattern in a specific context may be unequal tomorrow, which is why an apprehension of the procedure is more utile than merely patterns for prolonging long-run positive results. ”

The nature of best pattern attack preponderantly utilized in administrations is ab initio defined to back up employees work-life duties and committednesss. Brown ( 2005 ) found that the use of best pattern attack of work life integrating does non merely profit employees, but besides administrations and employers with an unfastened head to this attack someway win in pulling valued employees and keep a motivated staff whereby presenting positive result. In the interim to advance work life balance administrations should follow best pattern attack that would promote flexibleness and positive consequences in both employees and employers.

So possibly integrating family-friendly policies and patterns in the workplace could do a difference for employees with a batch of duties, committednesss and work life state of affairss. However Hein ( 2005 ) argued that family-friendly policies and patterns can help employees with the complexness of work life issues. Hein ( 2005 ) explicate farther that even though policies and patterns exist, nevertheless employees tend to be hesitating to continue to utilize them because of calling concerns or the fact that line directors discourage them from utilizing it. All the writers here are merely stressing that employers should make a family-friendly organizational civilization attack where employees and senior directors must be in favor of such patterns and should be seen utilizing the same patterns.


Reviewing the literature studied indicated by assorted writers, foster the linked with occupation satisfaction and committedness to work life balance. The construct of this seems that the writers all have a nonreversible position to work life balance and the effects to employees ‘ public presentations, committednesss and at the same clip organisation effectivity. The grounds illustrates supports that the leaning for negative result of public presentation to originate is expected to impede productiveness, particularly when there are struggles between pull offing clip for non-work and work related issues. To show a nexus with the literature reappraisal, an rating of the methods of research carried out to reason to findings of employees would be employed in the following chapter.

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