Work Life Balance

The following example essay on “Work Life Balance” shows the importance of well as correct prioritizing between “work” (career and ambition) on the one hand and “life” (health, pleasure, leisure, family and religious development) on the opposite. It is conjointly associated with “lifestyle balance” and “life balance”.


Life will take us on a wild and busy ride. Its straightforward to induce sweptwing up in work and therefore the everyday demands of life and forget its true purpose. Along the way, we learn to make trade-offs between professional endeavors and family, friends, community and personal growth.

Balance isn’t higher time management however higher boundary management. It means making choices and enjoying those choices. We should remember that happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.

At this competitive age where much importance is given to work culture, many people are spending more time at work than in any other single activity. They are more careers conscious and are running after lucrative packages to lead a luxurious and comfortable life.

The need to work and get job satisfaction and many other related factors have motivated modern men and women to work hard and also work for a longer duration than their physiological limits. Under these circumstances jobs and careers have become the major source of stress.


Many other factors produce stress in work place besides long hours of work. They are

  •  Gender discrimination
  •  Bias and prejudice towards lower sections in the society
  •  Sexual harassment
  •  Competition with coworkers to get a promotion
  •  Behavioral issues
  • Low salary but more work
  •  Discrimination on the grounds of race and caste
  •  And honesty and merit not being rewarded and so many other factors

Another work related factor that can sometimes generate intense levels of stress involves performance appraisals, the procedures used for evaluating employees performance.

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If employees perceive these as fair, employees stress tends to be low else it is almost certain to be high. After all, no one wants to feel that rewards such as promotions or bonuses are being distributed in an unjust manner.

Work is a rubber ball. If you drop it, it will bounce back. The other balls  family, health, friends and fun are made of glass. If you drop one among these, it will be irrevocably scuffed, nicked, perhaps even shattered. Work life balance is a balance that an individual needs between time allocated for work and other aspects of life. Areas of life aside from work life are, but not limited to personal interests, family and social or leisure activities.

Work life balance doesn’t mean associate equal balance. It will vary over time, often on a daily basis. There is no excellent, one – size fits all balance you should be striving for. The best work life balance is completely different completely different} |completely different} for every folks as a result of we have a tendency to all have different priorities and different lives


Organizations these days to some extent have complete the importance of the employee-work-life balance and its importance within the potency of the workers. They can facilitate work-life balance for his or her workers through work-life programs and coaching. In offices conjointly, efforts area unit being created to supply friendly work atmosphere for the workers by providing all varieties of refreshments on the market for the worker.

The employees area unit given the freedom to own their own ways that of doing the work. They are given the assignments with deadlines and that they will have their own schedule as so much as they’re meeting the deadlines. Some organizations have gone to the extent of involving the families of the workers by introducing maternity leaves / paternity leaves and numerous vacation packages and insurance schemes. Organizations currently specialize in grooming their workers WHO area unit no longer thought of simply a piece force however thought to be the ‘Human Capital’ of the organization.

Psychologists once believed that stress actually improves the performance on wide range of tasks. They held that the relationship between stress and task performance takes the form of an upside-down u: at first performance improves. As stress increases, presumably because the stress is arousing or energizing though, stress becomes distracting and performance actually drops

First, even relatively mild stress can be distracting. Second, prolonged and repeated exposure to even mild levels of stress may exert harmful effects on health and health problems may interfere with effective performance. Finally, a large body of research indicates that as arousal increases, task performance may rise at first but at some time it falls. The greater complexity, the lower the level of arousal at which the downturn in performance occurs

Physical exercise, sports and yoga etc. are found to have an immense value in preparing a person for relaxation. Apart from these well-known methods, there are some more techniques which are scientific and systematic in nature. One such procedure is deep muscle relaxation which is based on the assumption that mental relaxation follows muscular relaxation.

The relationship between stress and performance has been pictured by the strain response curve created by Richard Nixon P in 1979. The curve shows that because the level of stress will increase the performance level conjointly will increase to the purpose of eustress or healthy tension. Near the point of fatigue, and identified area called the comfort zone indicates the range of stress levels that we can absolutely manage and facilitate good performance levels.

As stress begins to be perceived as over whelming or excessive, the person reaches a fatigue point where the performance levels start to decline. The ultimate end of overwhelming stress called burn out can be exhaustion or ill health or break down

Have you ever wondered why some individuals live to be more than one hundred years whereas most people live only for sixty or seventy years? Studies of persons who live to be more than one hundred years indicate that several factors may play a role in their extended lifespan. One of these factors is diet. Long lived persons of show a pattern involving greater than average consumption of grains, leafy green vegetables, fresh milk and fresh fruits and they tend to eat low to moderate amounts of meat and animal fat. Physical activities perhaps the most important factor in contributing to longevity and good health among long lived people. Many work outdoors and walk a great deal i.e.,


The environment of every person should be joyful. All people, young and old do things that really give them pleasure. New hobbies and interests should be created to keep one away from stress. Always something different should be done to make life more valuable and meaningful. Hence, depression should be avoided through various engagements like making new friends, playing indoor and outdoor games etc. particularly those who have a fixed and rigid life every day without any change get easily bored. Avoiding dull lifestyle is essential to combat stress. This can be possible by inducing novelty to ones lifestyle.

One should also develop the habit to smile, laugh and enjoy every minute of his life without brooding over the past ore anticipating future hazards in life. Attitude towards life should be positive and optimistic so that one can be protected from diseases as well as bring improvement in his quality of life. Past events and errors, ingratitude of a friend or relation, criticism, insult etc. should not be taken seriously but should be overlooked or taken lightly. Constructive attitude towards life can be developed by forgetting unpleasant incidents and forgiving people for their misdeeds. Thank god for what you possess and dont have a longing for what you dont possess or what you cannot achieve. By doing this, we can cope up with stress easily.

The data used for the study has been collected from both primary and secondary sources. Primary data has been collected through structured questionnaire containing 15 questions from respondents within Hyderabad district based on convenient sampling. The secondary information has been collected from varied analysis Journals, books and magazines.


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