Overpopulation Advantages And Disadvantages Essay

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Overpopulation in India: Advantages and Disadvantages

We are all aware about the various environmental problems that our country faces-Global Warming is one Of them that results from heavy pollution from the industries. Iii)Problem of unemployment There will be a huge problem of unemployment and underemployment with the increase in the population as additional jobs created could not keep pace with the growth rate. Iv)Poverty and Low Standard of Living Low level of per capita income reduces the purchasing power of the people making them poor.

They cannot arrange for the proper education of the children resulting in the lower standard of living.

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Overpopulation In India Essay

It has been seen that prices of basic food items rises due to the increase in the population. Advantages of Underproduction I)Greater Availability of Resources In an underdeveloped country, per head availability of natural resources will be higher. Hence farmers will have a greater share in the land or the average holdings will be more.

Ii)Low rate of Pollution Arbitration and industrialization will be minimum if the population of the country is small-Hence there will be lower levels of pollution and ecological balance along with biodiversity will be maintained. Iii)Availability of Government funds

Government expenditure will reduce considerably and the government will be able to concentrate more on economic development. ISO poor people will have a greater share in the funds and civic amenities. Iv)Higher standard of living An underdeveloped country will be able to utilize its resources effectively with the labor saving technology-Hence per capita income shall be higher which will raise the standard of living. Disadvantages of underproduction I)illuminated Labor Force Insufficient labor forces will utilize the resources in a poor way. Country will also face shortage of labor for its developmental projects.

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Overpopulation Advantages And Disadvantages Essay
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