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Identify Darry, Soda and Ponyboy
Darry, soda and Ponyboy are all brothers, that parents died a couple years ago. They are Greasers and they are in a gang which is just a bunch of friends that look out for eachother

How are Greasers different from Socs?
Greasers are the poor kids they live on the east side, they have long greasy hair, most are dropouts, and barely have any families.
Socs are the popular people, the rich kids, the kids with nice clothes, good grades, have families, nice cars and live on the west side

3. Who were other members of Pony’s gang?
Two-Bit, Soda, Darry, Dally, Johnny, Steve

4. What happened to Pony on his way home from the movies?
Ponyboy had gotten jumped , and the Socs tried to jump him, but Darry helped him. They only got a little cut on his head from them trying to cut his hair. But Darry steps in and has the Socs run off.

Who did Dally, Johnny and Ponyboy meet at the Nightly Double?
Cherry ,and Marcia

Contrast Dally’s approach to Cherry and Marcia with Pony’s, and contrast Cherry’s
response to Dally with her response to Pony.
Dally was dirty talking the girls, and being rude. Cherry kind of rejected Dally, and threw a coke at him. Ponyboy was very polite , nice, and was a true gentleman.

Why were Cherry and Marcia alone at the drive-in?
Cherry and Marcia were alone at the drive-in because they wanted to get away when they found out their boyfriends were drinking booze

Pony was somewhat surprised that he was getting along with Cherry and Marcia.

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They were socs, and Ponyboy was a greaser and girls don’t usually talk to him with good words.

What had happened to Johnny prior to the time of this story?
He was nearly beaten to death by a group of socs.

After talking with Cherry, what reason does Pony finally give for the separation between Greasers and Socs?
That it isn’t only money but its also that the greasers can feel something, but the socs are to cool to the point that they can’t feel anything

Who were Cherry and Marcia’s boyfriends?
Bob and Randy, the same guys who beat up Johnny

Why didn’t the Socs and Greasers fight during their first encounter after the movie?
Cherry didn’t want a fight to start, and the Socs weren’t interested in starting a fight just getting there girls back with them.

Why was Pony late coming home from the Nightly Double?
Him and Johnny were at the vacant lot looking at the stars while eventually falling asleep

What caused Pony to “run away”?
Darry was so mad at Pony coming home late, he had hit him.

What happened to Johnny and Ponyboy at the park?
Well the socs came and nearly drowned Ponyboy to death, also Johnny was scared and knew he was next. So he stabbed Bob, and killing him.

To whom do Johnny and Pony turn for help after Johnny killed Bob? Why
They went to Dally, because Dally was the only one who in the gang would know what to do in a situation like this .

Why did Johnny and Pony go to Jay’s Mountain?
Dally’s cousin knew an old church there that could be a safe hideout.

Why was Pony upset about getting a haircut?
Pony was upset because his hair is what defied him. Since the Socs had their corvairs and Madras Shirts, the greasers had their hair.

What was Johnny’s favorite part of Gone With the Wind? Of whom did it remind him?
Where it talked about the gallant men, they reminded him of Dally.

When Dally finally arrives at the church, what news does he bring?
He brings them a letter for Ponyboy from Soda, Cherry is now a spy for the Greasers, the police are looking for them in Texas, there is going to be a rumble against the Socs and Greasers the next day

What did Johnny announce after his fifth barbecue sandwich?
He announced that “they were going back, and turn themselves in”.

Describe Johnny’s relationship with his parents
His parents are horrible, his mother beats him,. They didn’t even wonder about him, when he fled town after the killing of Bob. They also act like he is invisible, they never cared about him.

What happened when Johnny, Pony and Dally returned to the church?
The Church was on fire, Johnny and Pony had tried to help the kids inside the church. Ponyboy and Dally had minor injuries, but Johnny was severely burned( with a broken back).

What additional problem did the three brothers face after Pony’s return?
They faced the probability of having all the boys in the family get seperated or Ponyboy and Soda going to a boys home.

Why did Randy want to talk to Pony?
To tell him his conclusion on this whole rumble and how he doesn’t wanna be apart of it. Also that its useless of even joining in it.

Why wouldn’t Cherry go visit Johnny?
Johnny was still the person who killed her boyfriend Bob, and she couldnt look at the person who did that.

Compare and contrast the boys’ reasons for fighting. (Darry, Steve, Soda and Two-Bit)
Two-bit fights because everyone else fights, Steve fights to stomp on the other guy, Soda fights for fun, Darry fights to show of his strength to people.

What did Pony say was the difference between Tim’s gang and his
Tims gang was organized, with a leader. But Ponys gang, there just a group of friends who care about each other and always have each others back.

How do we know Dally felt at least partially responsible for Johnny’s fate?
Johnny wouldn’t of been in this situation if Dally didn’t send Johnny and Ponyboy to the church als Dally said only if Johnny had been more like him, he never would have been at the church in the first place.

What were Johnny’s last words to Ponyboy?
Johnny’s last words to Ponyboy were “Stay Gold Ponyboy….. Stay Gold”

Of what did Pony try to convince himself on the way home from the hospital?
Ponyboy tried to convince himself that Johny wasn’t dead

How did Pony react to the three Socs who bullied him about killing Bob?
Ponyboy busted the end of his bottle, and acted so un scared , and fearless. But when the guys left he picked up the broken bottled glass off the floor and into the trash , so no one would get a flat tire.

Johnny’s note made several points. What were they
That he was okay to die for those kids, also that Ponyboy should stay gold, and he should except being a greaser because he has alot of time to make himself what he wants. Also to tell Dally all this.

How do we know Ponyboy will be all right?
We know Ponyboy will be alright because he told all his feelings in a paper, but more like a book. Also because Johnny’s note kind of gave Ponyboy a differnt see on how things are.

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