The Outsiders: The Book Versus the Movie

“The Outsiders” in both written and film is focused on a teen gang rivalry between social classes. The “Socs” are considered to be the “lucky ones, the rich kids with all the breaks.” On the contrary, the “Greasers” are poor, and judged by their physical appearance The characters are the same, for the story is fixated on the gang containing Ponyboy, Sodapop and Darrel Curtis, as well as Tw0<Bit Matthews. Dallas Winston. Johnny Cade and Steve Randle. Other important characters include Cherry (Sherri) Valance.

Randy Anderson and Robert (Bob) Sheldon. Even though for time sake, the director had to cut out a few crucial scenes, the storyline remained, for the most pan, very similar, Darry had physically harmed Ponyboy which caused him to run away with Johnny to the park. In the park, the Socs attempted to drown Ponyboy, and out of fear, Johnny killed their leader. Bob, With help from Dally. the two boys successfully escaped town and found refuge in an old, abandoned churchi Days later, the church burst into flames, and Ponyboy, Dally, and Johnny felt compelled to help the children stuck within.

In the end, Daily and Johnny died.

In both versions, the gang stood up for each other and prevailed through the challenges society put upon them Though the movie still got the point across. there were several pans that were different or cut out, but really helped develop the storyline and the characters in it. In the movie, the first scene opens to a blond-haired Ponyboy, beginning to write his story, “The Outsiders,” followed by a brown-haired Ponyboy meeting up with Dally, and Johnny going to hang out before sneaking in to the theaters.

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This pan of the movie shows the ending. then fast-forwards to the beginning, so the viewer may have a hint of what is to come In the novel, the story begins with Ponyboy getting “jumped,” and the gang comes to the rescue. A few scenes in the middle of the movie were also altered, such as Darry pushing Ponyboy instead of slapping him, Cherry did not go so far as to become a spy for the greasers and when Johnny fell ill. news reporters did not come to interview the Curtis family.

However, the biggest difference would he the ending. In the movie. Dally’s death was followed by the first scene presented in the movie, Ponyboy writing his story In allegiance with popular belief, the book did prove to be better because after the death of Dally, the book goes on to describe the aftermath of the tragic night. Ponyboy faints on the scene, and is delusional until several days later. He receives a visit from Randy, goes to court and finally decides to write the story “The Outsiders” for his english themet Given that the class was presented with the shorter, original version of the movie, many elements and story line developments were not included when compared to the extended version. The latter point could create a skewed perception to the viewer, especially when trying to make sense of the director‘s true intention, In consonance with the information presented, the movie did communicate differently from the book. Reading the hook, most interpret many scenes and characters by using what they understand from the author‘s description.

This is because throughout the book, you tend to personalize the story, where you can decide for yourself what the characters and setting look like However in the movie, our imagination is not needed because the director has picked out the characters, chose the setting and added the music, For example. I pictured Randy to have straight hair but in the movie the actor playing this pan has a curly hairt Also, in reference to Ponyboy’s neighbourhood, it was described in the book to be an unsafe, dangerous, unruly place. In the movie though, the setting chose is quite nice, quiet and peaceful, with exception to when the gang is present In addition, since we are not able to “hear” Ponyboy‘s thoughts in many situations, the music and special effects were able to add a depth of excitement to the movie, and thicken the plot. Movies generally have more suspense then in the book because they are made for Hollywood. where the viewer must he engaged at all times. Some may argue that the movie is more exciting, but in my opion, the book is better because there is more detail to the story and you have more creative freedom.

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