Positive And Negative Impacts Of Ict

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Computers have and will continue to revolutionise every part of our day-to-day living. The use of ICT has made great improvement to our living. The use of ICT has made great improvements to be lives, and has done a lot of good for mankind. However, the use ICT regardless of its advantages also has its down sides.

In this report, I am going to discuss some of the positive and negative effects of ICT in view of its social, economic, legal and moral implications.

Social aspects are those effects that are made upon society, and how people behave and act towards each other. Moral issues arte those, which concern right and wrong. Economic issues are linked with employment and money. Finally legal aspects are those to do with the law.

The social issues consist of:-

1. (information risk) and (information poor)

  • Not every one is able to afford a computer.
  • A two tie society could be created because of this people who are computer literate and those who are unable to exploit the technology.

What Is The Negative

2. The internet changing how we react

  • More people are shopping online and are communicating via email making people lazy.
  • Internet communication may make people lose their personal communication sills.

3. over reliance on technology

  • People rely too much on computers for the smooth running of society.

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4. impact on literacy

  • People spend more time on the computer games and the consequences less time for reading and improving literacy skills.
  • Educations concentration may drop.

5. Swiftness of life

  • The pace of life is increasing by the use of computers.
  • Computers are changing and may people are adapting to the way of the internet thinking.

The main moral issues are:

1. unrestricted internet areas

  • Children access sites without parental control. There is little control on what can be downloaded or posted on the internet.

2. computers are replacing people at work

  • People are losing their jobs because the computers are machineries do their jobs.

3. easy to copy files

  • copying computer files is very easy.

The use of computers has a great effect on people all around the world. Email is a cheap and fast to be sent to whom you want around the world. Videoconferences can be held because this increasing technology. This digital communication is used through satellite and telephone capable. The use of television and cable is also used through satellite. Now internet can be accessed through phone and via text, images and videos can be sent in seconds.

The legal aspect of ICT

The increasing use of ICT and its effects many new laws have had to be made. Some of which are listed below:-

  • The data protection Act 1998

This presents the data themes with its right. It contains 8 rules which are as follows:

  • Personal data must be used for lawfully purpose
  • All personal data must be processed fairly and lawfully.
  • The data must be pertinent, significant, and less for the purpose.
  • Should be exact
  • Data must be safe in the right of the data subject matters
  • Data must not go out to any countries out of the European economic.

If the law is not abided on then the person would be faced with a consequence such as paying a fine.

  • Computer misuse Act 1990

Due to the misuse of ICT such as hacking, fraud and viruses, the law was introduced in 1990 called “computer misuse act 1990”, this made three things illegal which are as followed:

  • Illegal hacking, this includes things that you are not allowed to look legally. The started that if this rule was broken then the person would get a fine of �2000 and a six month imprisonment.
  • If someone gained computer materials illegally, then the consequence for breaking this rule is that the person gets an unlimited fine and imprisonment, the maximum years for imprisonment is up to five years.
  • The copyright Design and patience act 1989

This law states that it is illegal to copy files without authorization from the copyright holder. The law can be broken in three ways

  • Downloading text and images from the internet, by not saying where you got them from.
  • Using software without the licence.
  • Copying a program which you use at work and then you use that same program at home with out asking the copyright holder for permission. The person who does this they are breaking the law and the person would get an unlimited fine.
  • The regulations of investigatory power Act 2000

This law is about converting computer uses at work for health and safety (Display Screen Equipment) regulations 1992. This law says that the employer needs to do 5 things:

  • Analyse workstations, and access to reduce risk for the employers need to check that computer equipment is safe and if it is not they have to make it straight.
  • Ensure workstations meet minimum requirements: this includes working computer chairs and good lighting.
  • Planning work so there are changes of activities: employers should not expect there employers to work on the computers all day they should give them breaks.
  • They have to provide free eye tests to all the staff members, who regularly use VDU (Visual Display Units) as part of their job.
  • Provide health and safety training and information: so employers would know some kind of action themselves to reduce the health risks.

The economic aspects of ICT

Many jobs have been lost thought this revolution of computers and machines. These jobs are mostly last through the car industry because they have switched from manual labour to computer-controlled machines, to construct their cars. The government faces unemployment because of machines, which have taken over thought computerised systems. However, the government helps people find jobs. The internet is an open door to trading EBay is one of the fastest growing ways of selling at home.

The social economic issues in regards to using ICT in interactive travel agencies:

  • Social aspects:
  • People may fear that there personal information would be hacked into.
  • People might become too reliable on using the travel agency on the net, which it may result in them losing their confidence of actually asking directly about flight in the travel agencies.
  • No appointment is needed to use the online travel bookings.
  • People may feel more free and comfortable on using the travel agent system as there is no time limit where it can be used.
  • People may not know how to use computers so they will not fell comfortable.
  • Moral aspects:
  • Some people may feel that this system is available to children and they may get access to some particular things which parents may feel uncomfortable with.
  • The travel agency system may be a popularity of travel agencies.

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Positive And Negative Impacts Of Ict
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