A Discussion on the Many Ways in Which Video Games Make People Smarter

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How Wdeo Games Can Make You Smarter by Scott Steinberg is an argument describing the four main ways that video games can make you smarter. Steinberg states that video games provide a more active entertainment experience as the user must be involved with the screen at all times. He also states that video games could provide a more effective platform forjob training and might eventually overtake the use of the textbook as a better way to learn. Steinberg also states that video games help with teamwork and collaboration in the real world when people play multiplayer games.

Steinberg’s purpose is to convince his audience that video games can be positive in the real world even though they have a largely negative stigma surrounding them, He uses a formal tone to convey his points, The main claim made by Steinberg is that video games can improve intelligence and uses four specific reasons as to why The entirety of the claim is one where the audience supplies a premise.

This requires the assumption that the audience believes Video games lower intelligence or at the very least video games will not make you smarter.

The claim also requires that the audience believe interactive experiences, job training, broadened learning opportunities and the ability to work in a team are all examples of higher intelligence, Steinberg uses four broad reasons as to how video games can make someone smarter with a variety of more specific claims under the larger umbrellas The category hands-on experiences is an example that the audience can easily relate to along with the opinion of an author well versed in the subject of video games to support his point, The category ofjob training uses a combination of facts, opinions and examples, Facts and examples are used when describing the current trend in which “businesses and universities are increasingly turning to interactive simulations and Virtual worlds as training tools to educate employees.

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” Steinberg continues by listing welleknown companies using this method. Stating that interactive training is “more informative and reasonable” uses opinions.

When explaining contextual learning Steinberg uses examples of where virtual learning is taking place and uses the opinions of experts on the future of this kind of learning to convince his audience Steinberg again uses expert opinion and examples of real world connections in the teamwork and collaboration section of the argument to draw the audience in and improve the credibility of the argument as a whole The argument seems to be geared towards an audience that will need to be convinced of Steinberg’s argument and it is therefore assumed that the audience feels differently than Steinberg about the scholastic merit of video games. He remembers the stance of his audience throughout the argument and provides backing to support them in a way that helps his audience to trust what he is saying He does this by using the opinions of experts and providing well-known facts and intertwining his arguments into them as if they were always one and the same.

It was important for Steinberg to use this backing so that his audience felt comfortable agreeing with his points as they most likely had an opposing point of view to start out with. Steinberg begins his argument by addressing the rebuttal He explains the side of the opposition and promptly refutes it. His word choice makes his argument clear with the use of words like “critics” and “Neanderthal” to describe those who view video games negatively This reveals that the audience should begin to rethink their attitudes about video games if they agree with the “critics” or “Neanderthal’s.” Qualifiers are also used in the argument quite frequently in his vocabulary, Steinberg uses phrases such as “may” instead of will He wants to make it clear to his audience that these are simply examples of what video games are capable In doing this he is able to keep the audience more engaged because they need to be eased into agreeing with his arguments

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