Ways to Help People Make Informed Choices

There can be stereotypical issues and these can be personalized to the person. It is important that these issues are taken seriously when it comes to disclosure as a person may want to keep certain more personal matters private. If a person’s private details get into the wrong hands they can be misused. There are risks of abuse, bullying and harassment. Describe ways of helping individuals to make informed choices Giving them enough information and make sure they can understand you, so they know more about the process that will take place to help them make a decision.

We can give then Handout and leaflet explaining all the facts Print off from the knowledge centre information about an operation coming up or an operation they have had.

Giving support and guidance, patience may feel more comfortable in making hard or life-changing decisions. Explain how risk assessment processes can be used to support the right of individuals to make their own decisions It can be used to explain to them the importance of certain tasks and the risks and hazards that could occur, we need to discuss the correct processes and the risks to our patient thoroughly.

The task can be talked through and the pros and cons weight up so that a person can make sensible decisions. This can minimise the risk of an incident. Explain why personal views must not influence an individual’s own choices or decisions

My views are not counted as they may not agree with them and only patients know what is best for them.

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As any procedure that will happen is down to the individual and their preferences, and must not be affected by HCSW’s personal views, prejudices or opinions. Describe why there may be times when they need to support an individual to question or challenge decisions made about them by others On time I had a patient who had had a hip operation, he was meant to be discharged back to the hotel that he was staying it, but there was no payment or the patient having any money and could not take care of himself, because of the operation. I talked to manager, socal services and meals on wheels organised.

Choices may also be made for a person that a person may not agree with, for instance certain food being presented, the HCSW can then consult the care plan and talk through it with the patient, if the care plan need to be changed, it can be raised to a higher member of staff. Describe the importance of how valuing people contributes to active participation When valued people feels as if they are important in the topic at hand, this may make them feel as if their say is important. Valuing a person can also make them feel as if the are important themselves, this can improve self esteem of a person making them feel more entitled to get involved. Explain how to enable individuals to make informed choices about their lives

We can support our patients to make choices. This can be done by giving all the information needed and explain the importance of the steps proceeding and the clinical choices they must follow or made by talking to the individuals and talking through steps with them help them make choices, this can be done by weighing pros and cons or talking through the positives of the procedures. List other ways they can support active participation Try to get the patient to be independent.

Offer wash bowlset them up in their chair Get patient to hold knife and folk to get them to Creating a positive atmosphere to boost self esteem Describe the importance of enabling individuals to develop skills in self-care and to maintain their own network of friends within their community Independence in self care will allow a patient to move forward with the appropriate care at home, this may lead to short time within clinical care but also mean that could benefit with up keep of health, resulting in less visits to a clinical setting. This community can offer help advice and support, which can also lead to a person visiting a day centre, enjoying games, food and drink. This helps the patient feel in control of their lives and independent.

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