An Argument in Favor of Video Games as Work of Arts

Video games, a favorable entertainment for many people. Video games can be really fun, but also can take up a lot of time and make you violent sometimes However, have you ever wondered that video games can be a genuine work of an? Many people who do not play a lot of video games might not see it that way. While video games may have the occasion of being bad sometimes like rotting the player’s brain, they do have good qualities in them.

There is a lot of effort and art needed to put a video game together. Art is something that requires human creativity, their skills, and their imagination. Video games are notjust something you play for fun and pleasure, they are in fact very detailed and filled with beautiful graphics and storylines. Because of video games containing such artistic content, they are worth to be considered works of art. First of all, video games have beautiful graphics, The graphics can either be realistic or impractical, but both are very appealing.

Since the 1900’s, the video games ever made have had graphics.

Now, it is very different when the newer video games improved a lot upon their graphics. With those contents in the past, those classic video games are considered works of artr Plato has stated that, “Art is an imitation of nature”, In short, art is something that can be mocking the real world. Since video games such as racing games have realistic environments and graphics, they are giving players the impression of how the outside environment will be like.

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It is true that most works of art are physical objects that are usually non-electronic and can instantly be Viewed with the eye. The content of Video games are programmed into a device like a disc that can store the information. This is called “computer programming” with video games. However, since art is something creative, skillful, and imaginative, computer programming applies to all those aspects of art. Therefore, computer programming is another type of art. I agree that most video game players are paying the most attention to how the game is being played and the players do not really care about the storyline. This causes people who do not play Video games to believe that video games are just played for their action and they forget that video games have a story to them.

The storyline in Video games can be interpreted as a book. Stories or books are considered works of art because they can be realistic or imaginary just like paintings. Writing a story or a book would also require your skill with writing and your creativity to create an interesting story for readers Artworks like paintings or books are supposed to have the viewer or the reader asking questions about the artwork A lot of video games are created in a way where the player completes a specific task to move on to another The goal is to finish the game, but for a portion of gamers who are focused with the storyline, their goal is to find out the ending of the garnet While playing, some gamers would be asking questions about the storyline Ultimately, video games are worth being considered works of art. If video games did not have graphics or storylines, they will not be art and video games would be less appreciated, Also, people would always think that video games are bad and low quality, which means that they are not fun to played or looked at, Video games would be something to rot someone’s brain with violence. Since video games contain such wonderful graphics and astounding storylines, they should be recognized as amazing works of artt

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