Tekken: 5th to 8th Evolution

Gaming is currently in this state of evolution, Hundreds of years ago, gaming included hitting a ball with a stick, or slapping each others hands. Now there is a push for virtual reality gaming, With that in mind, the focus of this essay will be on two video games from two generations. One from the 5th generation, and one from the current 8th generation. Those games come from the series of Tekken. The Tekken franchise is recognized to emotionally attach the player to each fighter.

The fighters all have stories and all have one goal; to win the Tekken Tournament and become the king of games. The Tekken titles have around 10 games in total. The series started in the 5th generation of gaming with Tekkent This game had a few characters; humans, devils, robots, and a dinosaur. The game did very well earning a sequel, than a third game, and eventually there were an average of 3 games per generation.

The most recent Tekken game is Tekken Tag Tournament 2 on the most current gen system, Wii U.

One of the most popular from the 5th generation, (Playstation 1) was Tekken 3. This game included the most popular characters, the famous game mode of the players playing a brutal game of volleyball that was forgotten in the future games. The graphics in this game were decent in terms of what was expected of from the 5th gen consoles, and the moves of the characters were diverse in terms of fighting styles even while the game honoring the simple left punch, right punch, left kick, right kick, and grapple.

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The settings in this game were definitely diverse, however you were restricted to a 2D “left and right” move that would cut you off at a certain area. In this current 8th generation of consoles, the choice between the Wii U, PS4 and Xbox One was clean.

The choice was Wii U, and the first game that was bought for it was the new Tekken Tag Tournament 2 game. Compared to Tekken 3, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is just one big upgrade The graphics are eye candy in this new game, and the fighting styles still follow the left and right punch and kicks, however they can be Lied together for so many combos. The diverse fighting styles now show the art of the fighting styles and how the punches, kicks, and grapples are truly used in reality. There is more than just the stance the fighter was in while he or she was just standing, which was the only way to differentiate the fighting stylesi Tekken Tag Tournament 2 also revived the long forgotten brutal volleyball game from Tekken 3‘ The developers knew how popular this game mode was, and successfully brought it back with better graphics, and new ways to hit the balli The greatest part is now there are different areas the player can pick to play this game They are not restricted to that island they are stuck in in Tekken 3. The settings in this game in general are just as diverse as the third Tekken game, but the player is not restricted to that 2D limited space anymore.

The player can move left and right at a greater distance, and now can side step. Now, instead of moving left and right, the player is moving forward, backward, left and right Also, the player can be hit into the setting shattering glass and breaking a wall, In the genre fighting; these two games explained are the perfect example of the change. With these added details, added fighting combos and added graphics, it is easy to say that the people required to make the game have doubled if not tripled now form the 5th generation of gaming, Fighting games back in the day were just button mashing madness with a different character. Now in this current generation of gaming, there are different things to consider before choosing a fighter such as the size, speed, strength, fighting style, etc From that button mashing madness, games now require strategy, This new generation of gaming has changed the development process of gaming. Developers now need to know the history, the detail, and the art of the game they are making The creator of Mortal Kombat’s Ed Boon even stated that from the first Mortal Kombat game was created with a few friends in one room. Now Lhe Mortal Kombat games are one of the biggest titles in the gaming industry. With that, the numbers of people working on these current Mortal Kombal games reach internauonal. From 10 people, to hundreds.

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