Does Self-Esteem Change Throughout Grades 6th-8th Grade

Most projects are conducted by getting a group of people and asking to rate their beauty, what their gender is, and their age. Questions that are asked from other projects are trying to find out if beauty is really within, what determines beauty, can be measured objectively, and how beauty can affect self-esteem. Other science projects aren’t necessarily the same but are somewhat similar. In a project, they state that people with higher self-esteem usually have better grades, Self-esteem changes the most during the first decade of young adulthood.

Others say that middle school self-esteem can change a lot during those 3 years because your body is changing or could be due to peer pressure, and trying to fit in with other students.

What is self-esteem? “Self-esteem In psychology, the term self-esteem is used to describe a person’s overall sense of self-worth or personal value Self-esteem is what we think of ourselves. Some people have a low self-esteem and some have high self-esteem, sometimes another word for self-esteem is Ego.

If you say someone has “a big ego,” then you are saying they are too full of themself. Low self-esteem usually means you don’t value your self-worth. High self-esteem usually means you are very confident and you value your self-worth.

In 1943 Abraham Maslow came up with a theory that for a person to reach their full potential some basic needs must be met. These needs are Air, food, safety, love, belonging, and self-esteem. Without these needs being met, it can affect a person’s ability to achieve their full potential.

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This has to do with Self Actualization. In it states that “Self-actualization represents the pursuit of reaching one’s full potential.” Therefore, without good or high self-esteem it may be difficult for a person to strive or be successful.

Many changes in middle school students like puberty and going into middle school can have very negative effects on self-esteem and can trigger problems like depression, anxiety, and drug abuse. In some studies, it was found that some students that went into middle school started with high self-esteem and at the end of middle school their self-esteem had dropped a lot. Girls had the lowest self-esteem than boys. In conclusion, It was found in different studies that self does change throughout middle school due to many different factors like puberty, peer pressure, and social media. It was found that low self-esteem is very common, not only in middle school but up to the age of 60. Low self-esteem can also cause a lot of problems in middle school students like health problems mentally and physically.

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Does Self-Esteem Change Throughout Grades 6th-8th Grade
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