The history of nursing research begins with Florence Nightingale. In fact, it is nursing research that governs and determines the elements of the nursing practice in general. Great care, detail, and educational study comprises nursing research. When a nurse makes a medical decision, it is believed that he or she will make judgments that are supported by and characteristic of the current trends in nursing research. If a nurse does not act in harmony with nursing research, he or she may be held liable f medical neglect.

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Therefore, it is imperative that all who are in the nursing profession stay current with the latest developments In nursing education as well as research. There are two main areas of research that are applicable to the nursing profession. These include Quantitative and Qualitative Research. Quantitative research focuses on results in nursing that is measurably by the use of testing controlled trial settings, and visible statistics.

Quantitative basically means that something may be measured, and when describing research, Quantitative refers to results that may be measured.

Aquaculture Research focuses on the quality of the result or approach as experienced by the patient. Where you can understand Quantitative research as being the facts, or the what, where, and when of the facts used in research, Qualitative research refers to the “who” and “whiff questions.

For example, “Who did this method work for, and why was he method or treatment effective? ” Medicine has evolved through a number of theories over the centuries, and the field of nursing is no different.

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Before a practice can be accepted as being effective medicine, It must be carefully researched, tested, and the results measured. This research begins with the use of the Scientific Method and culminates In case studies. Clinical trials, and using measurable standards to determine the results.

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