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This is a brooding essay based on my attending at a multidisciplinary squad ( MDT ) meeting whilst on my two-week arrangement at a local mental wellness twenty-four hours infirmary. The purpose of this essay is to discourse the importance of the multidisciplinary squad within the mental wellness environment and discuss factors that can act upon the success or failure of multidisciplinary squads.

Mental wellness squads by and large comprise of head-shrinkers. clinical psychologists. nurses. occupational healers and societal workers. but other healers such as household healers. clinical psychologists and counselors might besides go involved in the attention of the patient ( Perkins & A ; Repper 1998 ) .

Multidiscipline engagement is of import within mental wellness nursing as people with mental wellness jobs have multiple demands. so a assortment of expertness is required to run into the demands of these people ( Darby et al 1999 ) .

Reflective Report Health And Wellness

Multidisciplinary mental wellness squads can been defined as:

“A group of practicians with different professional preparation. employed by more than one bureau. who meet on a regular basis to organize their work supplying services to one or more clients in a defined area” ( Ovretveit. 1993: 9 cited in Onyett 2003 )

The advantage of a multidisciplinary squad attack is that all professionals work together by roll uping the facts and by conveying information together. to obtain as complete a position as possible of the jobs of each single patient.

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In making this they are able to do certain that the proper scope of interventions are used in a decently planned manner ( Onyett 2003 ) .

One of the disadvantages of a multidisciplinary squad is that jobs can be encountered when different professionals work together. there can be ill-defined ends. deficiency of way and hapless leading ( Darby et al 1999 ) .

In order to construction this contemplation I have chosen Gibbs ( 1988 ) as the theoretical account to assist with my brooding procedure. This theoretical account comprises of a procedure that helps the single expression at a state of affairs and believe about their ideas and feelings at the clip of the incident. Reflective accomplishments help us to believe about what could hold been done. so that if a similar state of affairs occurs once more the experience gained can be used to cover with the state of affairs in a professional mode ( Burns et al 1997 ) .

To enable me to utilize this state of affairs for my contemplation the patient will be referred to as “Kate” . This is in order that her existent name is protected and that confidentially maintained in line with the NMC ( 2002 ) Code of Professional Conduct.


Kate is a 66-year-old lady. retired from her occupation as a nurse 10 old ages ago. She has lived entirely since the decease of her hubby 7 old ages ago. and has one really supportive boy who lives locally and visits 2-3 times a hebdomad. Kate was referred to the infirmary by her physician after showing with an 18-month history of memory jobs and it was decided that she should go to the twenty-four hours infirmary for a period of six hebdomads to be assessed and to be involved in curative activities whilst at that place.

Whilst go toing the twenty-four hours infirmary she was observed. and found to be insistent with obvious grounds of fiction. really disorientated. with hapless concentration and really hapless short-run memory. The adviser asked the mental wellness nurses to measure Kate and trials indicated that she may be enduring from a moderate grade of dementedness. Dementia is a mental upset caused by structural alterations in the encephalon and affects about 10 per cent of people aged over 65 ( Newell & A ; Gournay 2000 ) .

An MDT meeting was so arranged to discourse the bundle of attention needed for this lady. to enable her to go on populating safely in her ain place. The Consultant chaired the meeting by conveying the squad to the attending of Kate’s medical history and the jobs herself and boy had been sing. He felt she would profit from medicine to assist her memory jobs.

The community psychiatric nurse ( CPN ) so discussed to the squad the concerns of Kates boy. he had informed her that Kate is rolling at inappropriate times of twenty-four hours and seldom retrieving to eat. she is besides on a regular basis burying to turn off the lights-outs and gas contraptions in the house. He is really concerned for the safety of his female parent. The occupational healer suggested she visit to measure Kate’s safety in her place refering these issues. The societal worker discussed the possibility of place carers but the mental wellness nurse who knows Kate good. Tells of her concerns that Kate is ne’er at place.

The societal worker suggested a instance meeting affecting the boy who could perchance guarantee that his female parent takes her medicine on a regular basis and to seek and guarantee that she remains at place until the carers arrive.

It was agreed that if this did non work or was unsuitable for Kate or her boy. any jobs identified could be discussed and resolved at a future MDT meeting.


I felt really comfy and really accepted within the MDT meeting. The ambiance was friendly and relaxed and everybody at that place seemed to hold something to lend. Everyone was encouraged to take part and I felt that I could hold contributed to the treatment if I had known the patient better. I feel they would hold listened to my thoughts and non dismissed them due to me being a pupil. Everybody communicated good with each other and had the best involvements of Kate in head and so treatments were made until the best result was achieved for her. This demonstrates the benefit and importance of communicating within a squad and how all parts within meetings should be valued ( Perkins & A ; Repper 1998 ) .


There are many positive facets of this peculiar MDT they all worked good together as a squad with the same end in head. The squad discussed all the different options available and all the jobs that might originate and looked to the hereafter to discourse farther meetings to measure if the bundle of attention put into topographic point was suited.

I found it really interesting to see a MDT in action and witness the teamwork between different subjects. With the aid and support provided by her boy and the MDT Kate will hopefully be able to stay life in her ain place. safely for every bit long as possible.

The dissatisfactory facet of this instance is that if Kate is ne’er at place when the CPN. and carers arrive this can hold a negative impact on the bundle of attention put in topographic point. and residential attention may necessitate to be considered at a ulterior day of the month.


This peculiar mental wellness squad worked highly good together. the adviser chaired the meeting and was the leader of the meeting. Onyett ( 2003 ) suggests that the presence of a clear squad leader is associated with squad effectivity.

The NMC ( 2002 ) provinces than nurses should work in a collaborative mode with healthcare professionals and others involved in supplying the attention for the patient. and recognise and esteem their peculiar parts within the attention squad. The instance of Kate is grounds of a multidisciplinary squad and wellness professionals working together and interrupting down barriers to supply the right bundle of attention for this person.

Kate’s unwellness non merely affects her but besides members of her household who are seeking their best to back up her. Darby et Al ( 1999 ) states that theses troubles can hold a profound impact non merely on the life of the person who experiences them. but besides on the lives of those around them. The MDT were to the full cognizant of this and so arranged a instance meeting with the boy so that all the different options could be discussed.

Kate wanders off entirely unaware of the clip of twenty-four hours or dark. Whilst person with dementedness rolling off and acquiring lost on a cold dark is clearly in danger. small can be done to do a individual stay indoors against their wants. Perkins & A ; Repper ( 1998 ) discusses the hard balance between the wants. demands and rights of the single to populate as they wish and professional codifications of behavior which impose upon the wellness professionals a “duty of care” to guarantee the safety of the person.


It can be seen from this MDT meeting that clear leading and good communicating between members of the squad is critical to guarantee they come together with a clear apprehension of the results to be achieved and every bit equipped with all the information available to get the better of patients’ single jobs. Team working signifiers the footing of mental wellness nursing and can act upon the success or failure of the attention and intervention the patient receives. This effectual squad has the possible to accomplish positive results for both Kate and her boy now and in the hereafter if needed.

Action program

If I find myself in this type of state of affairs once more. I would be more confident in take parting in the MDT meeting. I have learnt from this state of affairs that good teamwork and communicating between each other is critical to the result of the bundle of attention decided. This contemplation has highlighted the demand to increase my cognition and apprehension of the multidisciplinary squad and the importance of the results of these meetings and how they can impact the patients and family’s quality of life. which will assist me to believe really carefully about the determinations I make refering patients attention in the hereafter. I will turn to this larning demand by working closely with my wise man and other multidisciplinary squad members and by reading relevant literature. As a pupil I am cognizant that there is a batch more to larn and with more clip and experience and with the aid of my wise mans I will be able to increase my cognition and apprehension of how different subjects work together.


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