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A Personal Philosophy of the Importance of Educational Learning Styles
Words • 534
Pages • 3
With regards to my own personal “Philosophy” as it pertains to both children as well as adults with "Behavior Disorders "& their "treatment" educationally, my own personal philosophy specifically focuses on the scientific as well as psychological and social facts (including “multiple intelligences") as well as the very and so vitally important educational "Learning Styles". In the more recent years, these specific “Learning Styles” have been identified as the visual learning style, logical, aural style of learning, verbal, psychical, and…...
LearningMental DisorderPersonal Philosophy
Confusion in the Diagnoses and Treatment of Neurosis and Psychosis
Words • 1500
Pages • 6
A major part of clinical psychology is the diagnoses and treatment of mental disorders. This can often be difficult and controversial due to The fact that many of the disorders can be confused with others; there Aren't always clear guidelines in which to follow? An example of this ConquIon can be seen in the disorders NeuroSIS and Psychosis. Neither Neurosis nor psychoses appear as major categories in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-lll). The main reason for…...
AnxietyMental DisorderPsychosis
My Clinical Depression and Generalized Anxiety Disorder During Puberty
Words • 637
Pages • 3
Puberty hits most kids hard, but mine was a significantly more difficult struggle. Genetics and brain chemistry created the perfect storm, and, at age thirteen, I was diagnosed with clinical depression and generalized anxiety disorder. The initial months of undiagnosed agony were the worst. Depression is not evident like a broken bone or a case of the sniffles, and worse yet, it urges the sufferers to hide their symptoms. Constant self—hatred and criticism led me to believe that my problems…...
EmotionMental DisorderPuberty
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How Is Science Shaping the Field of Neuroethics?
Words • 586
Pages • 3
Neuroethics, defined as “[an] area of inquiry concerned primarily with the provenance and implications of knowledge about the brain, and the use of such knowledge to treat, manipulate, and possibly enhance brain function” (Greenly, Ramos, Grady, 2016), is a complex and ever-evolving issue, with both controversy and innovation surrounding the issue on all sides. As of right now, we are in an age of exploration and brain projects such as the American BRAIN (Brain Research Through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies) Initiative…...
Human BrainMental DisorderPsychology
Mindfulness As A Complementary And Alternative Approach To Coping
Words • 6041
Pages • 25
ThesisSati, Zen, Meditation. These are words to describe the concept of mindfulness at work in different religions and cultures. But, where does mindfulness fit when it comes to modern day healing? Trauma affects our mind, body, and soul. Children who experience trauma are particularly vulnerable to negative effects on the development of the brain. Trauma rewires the brain, inhibiting the ability to regulate emotions and manage reactions to future stressful experiences, such as hospitalization. Traditional therapies such as medication and…...
Health Care SystemMental DisorderMindfulness
Psychosocial Effects Of Stigma Towards Mental Disorders in Rural Communities
Words • 2095
Pages • 9
Mental health disorders are rarely on the frontline of health regulations. Previous research has shown that there are several barriers that have been blocking the improvement of mental health care. These include civil society support, the cultural perspectives, mental health gap as a human rights issue and the inherence of beliefs and attitudes towards the mentally ill. Family burden has also been indicated, as relatives of the mentally ill face challenges when caring for loved ones at home and within…...
Erik EriksonHealthMental DisorderMental Health
Pitch To The Editor
Words • 1598
Pages • 7
Suicide is a public health issues affecting individuals from all spheres of life, irrespective of their enlistment in military services. Despite being a complex multimodal issue, suicide is preventable. However, the existing rates of veteran suicides within the American nation sketch an increasingly grim portrait of the administration’s failure to address the risk factors associated with suicidal behavior. Having performed an extensive research investigating the contemporary trends of veteran suicide in the United States, I have ascertained that much can…...
HealthMental DisorderRiskVeterans
Research Related To the Effectiveness Of Mantra Repetition in Relation To Stress
Words • 1003
Pages • 5
Dr. Jill E. Bormann is a Psychiatric Mental Health Clinical Specialist, and Clinical Professor in the Hahn School of Nursing and Health Science at the University of San Diego and a Research Nurse Scientist at VA San Diego Healthcare System (VASDHS). Her recent publications describe her research findings related to the efficacy of mantram repetition on stress, quality of life, and spiritual well-being in veterans, health care workers, and in HIV patients. In the chosen article, Dr. Bormann discusses the…...
GriefMental DisorderVeterans
Long-Term Results of a Deleterious Crime
Words • 1143
Pages • 5
Child abuse is one of the main problems that our world faces today. This abuse has distinctive frequencies that range between sexual, physical, and emotional. The more predominant and controversial one has been sexual abuse. Child sexual abuse - also known as child molestation - is undesired sexual behavior by one person upon another. The abuse is usually done by a family member or trusted adult. This causes the victim’s trust to fracture and it breaks the reliance between the…...
AbuseInterpersonal RelationshipMental Disorder
Human Trafficking in the USA
Words • 1075
Pages • 5
A major concern in the United States is human trafficking. There are millions of victims each year who suffer from this horrendous action. Traffickers victimize certain people due to their background. They know who the easiest ones to capture are, so they chase after them and succeed. Many of the victims go through mental, physical, and social issues while they are in the system or even when they are saved. Today in America human trafficking is a major issue that…...
Human TraffickingMental DisorderRape
Sexual Harassment at Workplace
Words • 2219
Pages • 9
Sexual harassment continues to thrive in different corporate settings despite the existence of laws and regulations prohibiting such detrimental conduct. Generally, low reporting of cases for various reasons among victims and enforcement of non-disclosure agreement within corporates influences the perception of low incidences perceived. The study analyses sexual harassment as a cause of emotional distress, financial problems and low productivity at workplaces. The results findings indicate a negative impact on individual psychological well-being as cases of post-traumatic disorder, depression and…...
EmploymentMental DisorderSexual Harassment
Discussion About Three Scenarios Related to Individuals With Psychological Disorders
Words • 1697
Pages • 7
In this paper I will discuss three scenarios about individuals with psychological disorders. Each scenario is very unique and gives little details of what each person is experiencing. There is a seven year old girl who scored low on her IQ test that I will try to diagnosis successfully. Then there is albert who recently just went through a divorce who has different types of emotions. Lastly there is Gary a thirty year old male who loves to be the…...
Mental DisorderNarcissistic Personality Disorder
Psychotherapy Is The Most Effective Way of Treatment: Narcissistic Personality Disorder
Words • 2017
Pages • 9
Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental disorder which affects around one percent of the world’s population. It happens to appear more often in men than women and affecting the juveniles more than older people. Those people who have this condition is characterized by having an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for excessive attention and admiration, troubled relationships, and a lack of empathy for others. The hallmark description of narcissistic personality disorder is gaudiness – the exaggerated…...
Mental DisorderMental HealthNarcissistic Personality Disorder
Impact of ADHD on Family Dynamics and Relations
Words • 2244
Pages • 9
Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is one of the most prevalent disorders in childhood (National Institute of mental health [NIMH], 2009). In 2000, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (4th ed., text rev; DSM-IV-TR; American Psychiatric Association [APA], 2000) stated 3%-7% of school-age youngsters were stricken by this disorder. More recently, results from a parent-report enclosed within the National Survey of Children’s Health in 2007 indicated the prevalence rate of the disorder was 9.5% percent for children aged 4-17 within the United States (US). The disorder commonly results from physiological variations within the brain that cause people to systematically display extreme hyperactivity and impetuousness. In several cases, inattentiveness was another symptom…...
AdversityMental DisorderMental Health
Early Adversity and Cortisol Regulation
Words • 2203
Pages • 9
Experiences during infancy and early childhood are believed to play a crucial and unique role in organizing children’s neurobiological development. Specifically, experiences within early attachment relationships are expected to assist with regulating the diurnal functioning of the hypothalamic-adrenocortical (HPA) axis (Koss, Hostinar, Donzella & Gunnar, 2014). The HPA axis is an important component of the neuroendocrine system and involves communication between the hypothalamus, anterior pituitary and adrenal cortex. When a person experiences stress, the HPA axis becomes activated and beings…...
AdversityMental DisorderStress
Feelings After Watching a Movie Benefits of Being Quiet
Words • 526
Pages • 3
Reflecting on the film, it does well on portraying the idea behind this mental disorder is it interferes the patient from distinguishing reality from trauma. People affected are unable to live their life in a normal way like other people without having some kind of trigger warning occurring because they have heard a certain noise or get into a vehicle. In this case of the film, Charlie is living at a certain point of his teenage life where sexuality is…...
Mental DisorderPsychologyThe Perks Of Being A Wallflower
Disorders That Affect Consciousness
Words • 784
Pages • 4
There are many diseases and conditions that can greatly affect someone’s state of consciousness. Although it is rare to develop some of these conditions, they can cause acute or chronic issues involving the alteration of someone’s normal consciousness. Most conditions do not directly affect consciousness, but affect regions of the brain that can greatly impact the factor and cause immediate and drastic changes in a person’s life. Disorders Affecting Consciousness: Encephalopathy There are multiple disorders that can affect consciousness, however,…...
ConsciousnessMental DisorderPsychological DisordersSleep Disorder
You Have Got to Work Smart Not Hard to Succeed
Words • 1451
Pages • 6
You have probably heard this a hundred times, “you have got to work smart not hard to succeed”. There is a lot of confusion on the internet about Smart work and Hard work, what we don't realise is, both entail the word "WORK" which is of paramount importance and has no substitute. Work is an important step on the ladder of success, but successfully completing work with least cost or efforts is what is called a smart work. How do…...
Abnormal PsychologyHard WorkHuman NatureMental DisorderProcrastinationWork
To Put an End to the Case Without Knowing Something Bigger Has Yet to Come
Words • 662
Pages • 3
A man was killed and the other was accidentally shot making him involve in a crime whether he like it or not. Two cops, first time to work together, have to put an end to the case without knowing something bigger has yet to come the White Night. The plot was usual a drug syndicate, police war against it, a dirty cop covering bad guys, death etc. In stories like this authors have to reinvent, present things in a new…...
AnxietyAnxiety DisorderHuman NatureMental Disorder
Words • 2989
Pages • 12
People nowadays tend to be overly-conscious about their appearance due to the increasing popularity of social media. Media always shows pictures of models and popular celebrities that look too good to be true. This leads women into thinking that how these models look is the ideal beauty standard that they need to follow. Beauty in general has no specific standard and varies across different places and eras (Frederick, Forbes, Gentle, Reynolds & Walters, 2015). However media has caused these standards…...
AdvertisingEntertainmentHealthMental DisorderSocial MediaTelevision
Everyone even the youngest of children has said at least 3 lies
Words • 716
Pages • 3
Everyone, even the youngest of children has said at least 3 lies in their whole life. Sad to say, some people lie almost all the time, sometimes even when they don't have to. When people learn how lying works, they lack moral of understanding of when to refrain from doing it. People lie dozens of times every day. They range from little white lies, to serious lies that have the potential to change their life. In order to establish a…...
AnxietyBiologyBrainDeceptionMental DisorderTruth
A beautiful mind
Words • 1399
Pages • 6
The following sample essay on "A beautiful mind": tells about the film. The client was selected from the movie "A Beautiful Mind" (2001). The client for this study was John Forbes Nash who was a student at Princeton University, and he was competitive, and goal driven in his class. This is supported by his ambition to crack the logic behind the atomic bomb, Russian codes as well as the empirical logic behind love. This movie was based on the life…...
HealthMedicineMental DisorderNervous SystemNursing
Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder
Words • 1271
Pages • 6
The following example essay on "Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder" looks at the symptoms, examples, and treatment of this disorder. As per DSM-5, the basic component of Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder (OCPD) is a distraction with organization, compulsiveness, and mental and relational control, to the detriment of adaptability, transparency, and proficiency. This example starts by early adulthood and is available in an assortment of settings. People who have OCPD attempt to keep up a feeling of control through meticulous regard for guidelines, trifling…...
CloningMedicineMental DisorderMental HealthPersonality DisorderPsychotherapy
Intersectionality Paper
Words • 2349
Pages • 10
Intersectionality PaperLyndsey LeComteMonmouth UniversityIntersectionalityCoining the term, Intersectionality, Kimberle Crenshaw aimed to encourage people to consider the ways in which social determinants such as racism, classism, ageism, sexism, etc. form interlocking systems of oppression that shape the experiences and life chances of individuals as a consequence of multi-dimensional social identities (Green, Evans, Subramanian 2017). Although coining the term to describe biases and violence against African American women, it has become more widely used for other issues as it is used as…...
AbuseAidsBiasBorderline Personality DisorderDiseaseHiv Aids
In this article Anderson gives an account of the serial killer
Words • 1791
Pages • 8
In this article Anderson gives an account of the serial killer reviews he has created for the past 30 years. He focuses on “the history, definitions of murder and serial murder, the motives, and phases of serial murder” (Anderson, 1999). They are reviewed as a foundation for better understanding of the etiology and motivations of serial killers (Anderson, 1999). Anderson stated that every single little detail is of extreme importance when it comes to studying and understanding the mind of…...
AdhdHuman NatureMental DisorderMental HealthMurderSerial Killer
Schizophrenia, Anorexia, Mental Retardation
Words • 1226
Pages • 5
The following sample essay on "Schizophrenia, anorexia, mental retardation" looks into the different disorders, their causes, and the different methods that are applied in studying them. This topic is extremely important for many people. Psychology deals with the study of the mind, with the aim of explaining human behaviors. It studies the mental aspect behind how we reason and explains the causes of our actions. Various methods of research are applied in psychological studies, such as correlation and experiments. Through…...
Anorexia NervosaDiseaseEating DisorderMental DisorderPsychology
Childhood Traumas in African American Females suffering
Words • 2910
Pages • 12
IntroductionIn psychology there is a lot of variations of trauma in African American women from their childhood traumas that have a great impact on their lives in adulthood. These traumas have a life lifelong impact on the individual and be very crucial if treatment or counseling is not sought after. These traumas are, considered a complex interplay among behavioral, psychological, social, cultural, and environmental conditions appeared to influence the initiation and maintenance of substance abuse (Johnson and Young, 2002). Most…...
AbuseBiologyBrainBrain Based LearningMental DisorderPsychology
Obsession predominantly unrequited obsessive love and insanity
Words • 2992
Pages • 12
Obsession, predominantly unrequited obsessive love, and insanity are human conditions explored by both Hardy and McEwan in Far From the Madding Crowd and Enduring Love. Boldwood and Jed Parry are both consumed by their fixation, resulting in the distortion of their perception on reality. Jed Parry in particular complies with his most basic instincts and so he is rendered insane to the reader, just as Boldwood’s unnatural longing for Bathsheba causes his delusion. Ultimately, in both novels, obsession inevitably results…...
Enduring LoveHuman NatureLoveLove And MarriageMental Disorder
“Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll
Words • 924
Pages • 4
My chosen style model is Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. I have chosen an extract from the Mad Tea Party because I wanted to focus mainly on the theme of mental instability which is expressed throughout Carrolls book. Comparably, whilst I maintained some elements of the fantasy genre of the style model, my original writing would be best suited to the suspense genre. I was consistent with the form by using features typical of the story genre with the…...
CommunicationCultureLanguageLinguisticsMental Disorder
Discipline Vs Abuse
Words • 2037
Pages • 9
This sample paper on Discipline Vs Abuse offers a framework of relevant facts based on the recent research in the field. Read the introductory part, body and conclusion of the paper below.Blake Moss Abuse Versus Discipline A mother spanks her child in a public parking lot. While a nearby citizen watches in horror and begins to dial 911. Is this wrong? Does the mother have authority to do this to her own child? Who gets to decide how the mother…...
AbuseAntisocial Personality DisorderChild CustodyChild NeglectMental DisorderSocial Issues
Mental Health Nursing Essay
Words • 1801
Pages • 8
The sample paper on Mental Health Nursing Essay familiarizes the reader with the topic-related facts, theories and approaches. Scroll down to read the entire paper.This is a brooding essay based on my attending at a multidisciplinary squad ( MDT ) meeting whilst on my two-week arrangement at a local mental wellness twenty-four hours infirmary. The purpose of this essay is to discourse the importance of the multidisciplinary squad within the mental wellness environment and discuss factors that can act upon…...
Alternative MedicineHealth CareMental DisorderNursing
Why Do You Want To Be A Social Worker Essay
Words • 1892
Pages • 8
The folllowing sample essay on Why Do You Want To Be A Social Worker Essay discusses it in detail, offering basic facts and pros and cons associated with it. To read the essay's introduction, body and conclusion, scroll down. Sing my strengths, I am concerted, good-natured, generous, helpful, low and modest and I trust others. As a professional, I am non-judgmental, non faulting the client for their problems. Even if person hurts my feelings, I am speedy to forgive. These qualities…...
AutismDiseaseHuman NatureMental DisorderWar
Essay About Physical Health
Words • 1781
Pages • 8
This sample essay on Essay About Physical Health provides important aspects of the issue and arguments for and against as well as the needed facts. Read on this essay's introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.Suggested this could be due to a purposeful avoidance of health services by those who are mentally unwell, or that during this time of their mental health crisis, many are suffering the effects of their illness such as positive symptoms, thought disorder, or the flat effects associated…...
DiseaseHealth CareMedicineMental DisorderMental HealthPsychosis
Lolita Essay
Words • 2018
Pages • 9
The sample paper on Lolita Essay familiarizes the reader with the topic-related facts, theories and approaches. Scroll down to read the entire paper.Lolita is a complex story of passion, obsession, and manipulation. In the forward, Psychologist John Ray, Jr. , introduces the story; “Lolita, or the Confession of a White Widowed Male,”(Nabokov, Vladmir Lolita, 3) as written by a middle-aged European pedophile named Humbert Humbert. The essentials of this title immediately strike you as controversial considering that a lolita is…...
Abnormal PsychologyBorderline Personality DisorderMental DisorderMental HealthPsychiatry
Plastic Surgery
Words • 1992
Pages • 8
The sample essay on Plastic Surgery Essay deals with a framework of research-based facts, approaches and arguments concerning this theme. To see the essay's introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion, read on.A rESEACH PAPER| AGAINST COSMETIC SUGERY| ENC 1102Instructor: Luse| | By Maria Garzon| 3/25/2013| Background and Thesis Opponents have historically overlooked the primary reasons for it’s against to plastic surgery. It promotes a continuing descent into all things vain. Rather than accepting their perceived flaws, growing, and developing character, they…...
Health CareMedicineMental DisorderPlastic SurgerySurgery
Describe The Possible Signs Symptoms Indicators And Behaviours
Words • 1475
Pages • 6
The sample paper on Describe The Possible Signs Symptoms Indicators And Behaviours familiarizes the reader with the topic-related facts, theories and approaches. Scroll down to read the entire paper.DEFINITION OF CHILD ABUSE An abused child is any child, up to the age of 18, who has suffered from, or is believed likely to be at risk of, physical injury, neglect, emotional abuse, sexual abuse or verbal abuse. (Source: www. yesican. org) It is recognised that that it is abuse when…...
AbuseBullyingChild NeglectEating DisordersMental DisorderMental Health
Curative Function Of Social Work
Words • 2022
Pages • 9
This sample essay on Curative Function Of Social Work reveals arguments and important aspects of this topic. Read this essay's introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion below.The remit of this essay is to research and discourse the construct of curative relationships in mental wellness and what is involved in constructing these relationships. The inquiry is in two parts, so in the first portion of the essay, the writer wishes to research the significance of a curative relationship and discourse what…...
CommunicationMental DisorderPrivacySocial WorkWebsiteWork
John Wayne Gacy Case Study
Words • 2040
Pages • 9
The folllowing sample essay on John Wayne Gacy Case Study discusses it in detail, offering basic facts and pros and cons associated with it. To read the essay's introduction, body and conclusion, scroll down.John Wayne Gacy, a consecutive slayer who was born in Chicago, Illinois, was the lone boy in John Samuel Gacy ‘s household of three kids. He grew up in a household where they had an fond female parent but a cruel male parent, an alcoholic, who used…...
Case StudyDissociative Identity DisorderEducationHuman NatureLearningMental Disorder
Mental Health Thesis Statement
Words • 1411
Pages • 6
The sample essay on Mental Health Thesis Statement deals with a framework of research-based facts, approaches and arguments concerning this theme. To see the essay's introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion, read on. An opprobrious, compelling and ruling behaviour in a dating relationship among the teenage childs is termed as dating force. Students susceptible to dating force suffer greatly in footings of their academic public presentation, societal and extra-curricular activities. They may demo hapless consequences and isolate themselves from co-workers and…...
AbuseMental DisorderMental HealthRape
Cognitive Theory Of Depression
Words • 2128
Pages • 9
The following academic paper highlights the up-to-date issues and questions of Cognitive Theory Of Depression. This sample provides just some ideas on how this topic can be analyzed and discussed. In this essay, the symptoms of depression will be described and aetiology discussed from a cognitive viewpoint. In particular, Seligman’s learned helplessness (1975); Abramson’s (1978) revision of learned helplessness; Beck’s ‘cognitive distortion’ model (1976), and Teasdale’s differential activation hypothesis (1988) shall be evaluated. Cognitive theorists generally regard thought processes as…...
DepressionMajor Depressive DisorderMental DisorderMental HealthPsychiatry
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How Is Science Shaping the Field of Neuroethics?
...Even for those who would allow their records being shared, going through every single file and then attempting to contact someone to get consent would take far too much time and manpower to be logistically possible. A potential solution to this is a ...
Why Do You Want To Be A Social Worker Essay
...My work is flexible ; I largely work afternoons and sometimes on weekends. As stated before, I work as a behavioural teacher with kids who have autism. I go into the clients ‘ places to supply services. I ne’er work more than three hours per sess...
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