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Bipolar disorder is one of the most bizarre mental health illnesses
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Bipolar disorder is one of the most bizarre mental health illnesses that I have so far come across with. The extreme moods and  emotional rollercoaster that the person with bipolar disorder experiences is intense and have profound consequences in terms of the persons ability to function normally. The most interesting part about bipolar disorder for me is that human emotions like joy and sadness are normal emotions that all people experience at some point in their lives and how these…...
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Bipolar Disorder
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Bipolar disorder lies in the category of manic depressive disorders. The disorder affects the brain and causes strange mood shifts, change in activity levels as well as causing inability of the afflicted individuals to perform daily tasks (National Institute of Mental Health). The affected individuals have unusually elevated energy levels and other symptoms, which make the individuals to have a damaged relationship, poor school and workplace performance and in severe case, suicide (National Institute of Mental Health). This shows that…...
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