Child Abuse: Issues and Considerations

Child abuse occurs in every somety in the world. Child abuse is one of the issues of health and children’s violation. Abuse affects issues throughout the life span with consequences for individuals, families, and society. Physical and emotional child abuse involves mistreatment and neglect. Minors may also experience other adversities during childhood child abuse remains a serious problem during development in childhood. Child abuse is caused by parents who mistreat their children for various underlying reasons child abuse is any maltreatment to a child that injures a child in various ways.

Thus, this has resulted in children being placed in foster homes and undergoing medical exams parents need a supportive community to end this cycle. Adolescents need to be in a supportive environment. Parents who mistreat their kids will end up losing them to foster care minors should be taken care of the proper way children need quality time with their parents.

A child needs to be in a safe environment.

Being safe and stable can have a nurturing relationship and environment for children. Children going through child abuse will also need mental help. Possibly even be sent away to a foster facility to prevent from being harmed. Adults need to get involved with their children and spend time parents need to take responsibility and treat their child right. Parenting can be stressful to the parent, but they still need to spend quality time with their child. Having a supportive community is huge for parents because parents can be going through a hard time.

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When minors are sent to foster care, they will be medically examined. Communities can also promote a variety of protective factors for minors. Children need to have a stable home and be protected and feel safe when they are home, the child»parent relationship has a major influence. Adults need to work to help children grow up to reach their full potential for their health expansion parenting skills to promote healthy child development.

Child-parent relationships can affect the strengths of their physical, mental, and emotional health parents need to understand their children. Minors who have healthy relationships with their parents are most likely to develop positive relationships with other people. Adults need to properly help and understand their children so their children can have a healthy child expansion. Adults need to teach their children their rights. Help minors understand the importance of being a child. Guardians should be their protectors minors who experience maltreatment often are affected by others. Parental material use, domestic violence, poverty, can make it difficult to separate the effects of maltreatment. Parents should never put their children in danger or make them feel like they are in danger minors need the proper care.

Experiencing childhood maltreatment is a risk for depression. “Results showed that childhood abuse increased the risk of adulthood crime by promoting antisocial behavior during childhood and adolescence, followed by the formation of relationships with antisocial romantic partners and peers in adulthood.“ There are several disorders that lead to minors being abused. Anxiety, depression, panic disorder, alcohol dependence, conduct disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and separation anxiety. Child abuse and neglect have repeatdly been shown to be risks for mental and personality disorders. The disorders and symptom patterns can differ both by group and by age. “People with these disorders will most likely abuse their parents in the future.

Child abuse causes emotional behavioral and health problems to children children who experienced abuse or neglect can develop post-traumatic stress disorder. “The purpose of this article is to help psychologists understand the potential positive impact of abuse prevention programs in their schools”. Maltreatment can cause children to feel isolation, fear, depression, and educational difficulties. Being mistreated can affect their ability to succeed in school, there are many different ways minors can be affected by maltreatment and raised improperly. Childhood maltreatment can have a higher risk of long-term effects and health problems. Minors who are being abused sometimes think about suicide and how lives could be better for them as a child, being abused is hard for kids because they sometimes do not comprehend these rough experiences.

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