Child Abuse in America (Persuasive Essay) “Child abuse casts a shadow the length of a lifetime. ”-Herbert Ward. The writer is going to cite examples and portray vivid details so that the reader will understand about child abuse. “Child cruelty does not discriminate against a child because of race, sex, age, religion, or socioeconomic. ”(1) “According to the two research articles that the essayist refers to child abuse now is recognizable in four categories. ” (1) Child abuse should not be an issue that we put aside because we are harming innocent children and in some circumstances we are killing our children.

According to the Webster dictionary child means “human before puberty” and abuse means “use or treat wrongly. ” The term child was origin from the Old English language in the sixteenth century. The term abuse is originated from the Middle French in the fifteenth century. When you combine the words child and abuse they mean “human before puberty treated wrongly. ” There is only one true meaning for both of these terms.

The four categories of child abuse are physical abuse, sexual abuse, verbal abuse, neglect, and emotional maltreatment.

Emotional abuse could be rejecting, ignoring, terrorizing, isolating, and corrupting the child. Emotional abuse accounts for only eight percent if all child abuse. Neglect abuse is not providing food, clothing, or appropriate medical care. Physical abuse is the intent to inflict physical injury upon the child. There are many signs of physical abuse.

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Normally there is bruising on some part of the body. Having a pattern of bruising may indicate strong signs of physical abuse. Sexual abuse is any inappropriate sexual behavior with a child. (1-2) Child abuse is killing our children on a daily basis.

When talking about child abuse the writer does not seem to believe that there is an opposite view that harming a child is alright. However, the abusers must believe that it is alright to abuse the child since they continue to harm them. Every day on the news we hear that there is another infant child in the hospital because the mothers’ boyfriend abused the child. Do these men have so much rage within themselves that they take it out on a crying infant who is only letting them know that he/she is hungry or wet? This is the child’s only way of letting the caretaker know that they need something.

It really is a horrible thing that the abusers say that they are mentally incompetent of there actions. This is ludicrous that they are getting away with murder and not getting a severe enough penalty for harming innocent children who can not bolster themselves. The essayist believes that child abuse is increasing in our society because we are not aware the first sight of abuse. We are protecting the abuser the first few times hoping that they are truly sincere and will not do it again. This is a problem because we are showing them it is alright to harm our kids.

No one knows when it will proceed to far and the child is severely hurt. Also, we are leading our children down a path of destruction by abusing them. Not only does it physically hurt them it injures their minds too. “Being arrested as a juvenile is fifty-nine percent more likely to occur to children who have been abused. ”(1) Child abuse may not seem as if it is wrong when no severe injuries are noticeable. The harm to the brain is not being observed since you can not see it right away. “Children who have been abused are more likely to become criminals in their adult life. (1) This is very traumatizing to our young people who need us to show them the right and wrong way to life. Finally, the writer has discussed why child abuse needs to no longer happen. We need to take a stand and prosecute every abuser that has hurt an innocent child. Do not let any of them claim mental incompetence for their actions. Our court system needs to not even bother with a trial for the abuser. Just put them directly in jail for the rest of their pitiful existence. “A torn jacket is soon mended; but hard words bruise the heart of a child. ”-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

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